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The future of CMPzC

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After two aborted attempts at running a CMPzC operation, I am going back to the drawing board. Rather than release a "how to guide", which I thought was still to cumbersome a read, I intend to create a package. This will contain a better PzC scenario from PzC Market Garden, the CM maps for the PzC victory locations, along with all the set up and exit zones added for an attack by either side, and a unit attribute conversion table. I will also create a master OOB that can be imported into the CM scenario editor when a CM battle is required. Using a master CM OOB will also allow the combat effects to be tracked, as they will be added to it after each CM battle.

Once this package is ready, I will add it to my Google Drive for public access.

As far as Market Garden is concerned, if I can get two PzC players that are willing to play the Grand Campaign, I am willing to create and post each sides PzC AAR reports on the BF forum, set up all the CM battles, and edit the PzC OOB after each CM battle. The PzC players can decide who fights the CM battles. The beauty of playing the MG GC, is that all the CM battles will have consequences.

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I have had an idea regarding setting up CM battles in a CMPzC operation, which will create enough battles, even using small scenarios. This will allow me to dispense with playing the PzC MG grand campaign, and allow me to use a small scenario, which will be easier, and quicker to run. I will discuss the set up idea in another thread.

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