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scenario "Muddy Roads"


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Depending on the enemy's AI plan, this scenario should not be very hard to win.

The only factor could be time. But I found that the 45 min. to complete the mission were enough. The scenario plays at nightfall, light rain.

Also depending on the AI plan. This mission can have a slow start with not much action as you advance towards the town. I gave the AI a lot of freedom to place it units, for better replayability and to add a element of suprise even for me as scenario designer.

Finding a weak spot in the defence and the tension building up as you advance until first contact is what I like to achieve in this scenario.

Though careful approach is necessary, it is also important to keep moving forward and don't hesitate to long and have your units pinned.

For this scenario I used a slighty bigger map, than the original Fontaine-Raoul map I released earlier. Not only does it looks better. It also gives more options, to manoeuvre your units. I also adjusted elevations to better suit the scenario.

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