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FALSE FLAG Operations/Transport

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Guest PowerGmbH


SYNOPSIS: False Flag Operations

Design Summary: a Player (Specially Interisting for Axis ) may have the option to Transport a Land Unit under "Neutral Falg". The Options menu with right click on the Harbour then offers: Transport / Amphibious Transport / False Flag Transport

This is specially Interisting fox Axis Player in a Global Campaign, as Germany and Japan are far away one from the other, and this could prevent a Attac in the UK/Allied Controlled Atlantic or Pacific.

On the Other Hand it could be Interisting for Allied players in case Axis Subs Raiding gets TOO strong to have a secure transfer from Canada to Braitain f.ex.

Consequences: if the Ennemy attacs the "neutral Transport", the Neutral Country gets ready a certain percentage (i.e. a random between 15-35%) in direction of the attaked player.

So the ennemy shall think well before sinking the "poor-neutral-transporter"

Also the Player when choosing a Neutral nation can only choose between some Neutral that allready tends in one or the other direction (i.e. Finnland or Spain for Axis, and Venezuela / Mexico or Greece for Allies )

PROBLEM: i see only advantages, also think it is easy to programm

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