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Suggestions for BtoB

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- direct the bulk of your tanks, mobile units, planes towards Stalingrad with Mainstein and Guderian at the commands

- take Stalingrad first then switch the mass of your units towards Moscow and a small to Bakou which is not well defended.

- when only Leningrad is the only objective in Russian hands the game is virtually finished.

On the scenario:

Since the beginning the Russians should have at least two "normal" tank groups at disposal ( 1/10 of their tanks on June 41 were T-34, KV-1, KV-2 ) and the capacity to produce them at that time.

There is no reason not to give Russians level 1 in infantry warfare ( they were as well equipped as Germans at that time ), the only difference was their bad commanders on the field.

Many infantry units should be added in the production queue; from June to December for instance Russians mobilized.

Add periods of rain in summer 41 ( historical ), this to slow down the German advance taking into account the very bad state of the roads, all earth roads, except the Minsk-Smolenks-Moscow one.

Remember that all included on June 22 Germans had only about 3 000 planes on the front i.e; 1/3 fighters and 2/3 bombers with about 300 Stukas.

A light tank could be added to Romania on June 41.

For all scenarios: Romania and Bulgaria surrendered and switched to USSR on august 44.

On the map: Vizama should read Viazma.

Good news: with patch 1.02 the AI seems to be better; thanks for the effort.

May I suggest to also add ( after Bagration ) a scenario beginning on January 45 to depict the last big offensives of USSR towards Berlin; it seems to be reasonable this one would last till August 45.

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