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Shameless self-promotion ;-).

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Well guys, my history site has finally gone active.. What is posted at present is only a testbed to gauge what is popular and if the layout is ok but I'd appreciate some feedback.

It contains a number of tank articles, some naval stuff, histories of the WW2 german rifles, transcripts of oft-forgotten historical documents and a "fun stuff" section.

Anyways, it is at http://historians.thegamers.net



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Hi Fionn,

Nice site !...I already created bookmark for it smile.gif I have never heard "Lili Marlene"

song before..do you have a mp3 version of it by any chance ?


PS: I'm going to put up a site as well

dedicated to CC1 game and The Ardennes

Offensive by SSG, currently developing

editor for it...

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Thanks risc.

Unfortunately, no, I don't have an MP3 of Lili Marlene. I only have a midi version..

I'll probably post that up there on the next update this weekend for download though.. Send me an email if you want it and I'll send it off to you k?

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