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Beginner's Luck (Lack thereof)

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I was playing Last Defense as the Americans, and had forward zooks stationed to hit the computers leading armor and slow him down till my cats showed up and could rain on the parade. All three zooks surrendered without firing a shot. They just wouldn't shoot the stugs, and kept targeting the tiger (which had a 0% kill) Hmm...

Finally, after the german tanks had lit up the town and one of my platoons (2 survivors) the cats showed up. Two got killed right off the bat, but the last one got both stugs, and ran for town. Got *six* shots in on a tiger before and returns came back. five bounced, sixth took out the turret. Lost the cat to the tiger though.

Won a minor victory even though I got completely lit up in the first ten turns. If you just dig in and use buildings as cover (los cover) infantry can stay alive for a long time.

A truly great game can't wait for the full one.

BTW - I'll play anyone who wants to over e-mail - billcarey@virginia.edu


- Bill Carey

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