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Daily Update on CMHQ, read for details!

Guest Madmatt

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Guest Madmatt

Wow, things are really getting hot in here! How about a cool refreshing splash in calmer waters? Well dive into Combat Mission HQ and see what we have for you tonight!

For the first time EVER, we have an edited transcript of the memorable November 9th TGN Hosted Chat with Combat Mission hunk-o-love (burning) wink.gif Steve Grammont. We have trimmed all the fat and left you only the meaty bits. Give it a good skimming as there is some GREAT info from Steve and BTS in this one!

There is also a new Article by Fionn Kelly which looks into the realm of 3D, Combat Mission and Hexes! Very interesting stuff in this one...

As always, be sure to check for new info in our DID YOU KNOW scrolling marquee, you never know what you may find! wink.gif

Cast off tonight for:



Madmatt out....Walking the highwire between sanity and total **WHooPS** fell off! smile.gif

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