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Uploaded New T-72 Mission - Ammo Storage Facility

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I just uploaded a new mission for the T-72B placed in the single mission meeting engagement environment. This will be available for download as soon as the Battlefront administrators approve my uploaded file. In this mission, your tank and crew are tasked with supporting a hastily organized defense of a large ammunition storage facility at the center of the map/environment.

Here is the Mission Summary

Your T-72B tank and crew are tasked with supporting an ad-hoc defense of a critical ammunition storage facility. The force you are supporting consists of a tank/infantry combat team made up of a T-72B, 2 T-55A's, and an RPG tank hunter infantry squad. The T-72,T-55's, and infantry are under orders to maneuver to defendable positions and repel any attacking forces.

Command has been required to withdraw most of the armor and artillery resources in the area to aid in a major offensive and unfortunately has left the ammo storage facility undefended until your armored contingent arrived. Given that the ammo storage facility is well behind allied lines, extensive fencing and barriers have not been required. This is presenting a problem now, as intell has reported that the enemy appears to be planning a smash and grab objective raid on our ammo storage facility. Your job is to prevent enemy forces from being successful in carrying this raid out.

The enemy forces in this mission are broken into three parts. Group one is 2 T-55A tanks, group 2 is two T-72B tanks and an infantry fireteam, and group 3 is 3 Shturm-S's, an SU-100, and an infantry fireteam. These groups will approach from different directions and will pop out of hidden areas in the terrain at relatively close range. Most of your engagements will take place between 200 and 500 meters in this mission.

For your enemy to complete their mission, they need to destroy all allied forces in the area to allow for them to grab as much ammo as possible and make off with it. Your mission objective is simple. Destroy every enemy vehicle, and kill every enemy soldier. Don't let them succeed. Command currently does not have additional forces in the area to reinforce or replace your tank/infantry combat team.

I had a great time putting this mission together and testing it out. The close range engagements are a real rush, and I think that fans of T-72 BOF will really enjoy this one.

Mortarman Deke

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