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Uploaded New T-34/85 Mission

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I just uploaded a new T-34/85 mission in which you are part of an Operational Maneuver Group or (OMG). Here is the synopsis:

In this mission, you are part of an Operational Maneuver Group (OMG). An OMG is a task force that has broken through enemy lines and rushed into enemy territory with the sole intention of destroying and disrupting supplies and command infrastructure. The troops in an OMG conduct these efforts until they are killed, run out of ammo, fuel, and supplies, or rejoin allied forces.

Your modernized T-34/85 tank, the two Shturm-S's, and the tank hunter infantry fire-team are a small part of an OMG that has broken through enemy lines. Your team has been notified that there is a fuel and small arms ammunition supply convoy passing nearby. Being within their territory, the convoy will have minimal security, consisting of BRDM-2's and some infantry. Expect the convoy to scatter upon seeing your forces, and make a run for the nearby supply base which is their destination. Your team's task is to destroy the entire convoy - the fuel trucks, the jeeps carrying small arms ammo, and the BRDM-2's.

The enemy supply base that that the convoy is headed for, has veteran mechanized forces protecting and patrolling the surrounding area. Command intell reports that 2 T-72's, an SU-100, an MTLB, and an infantry squad make up the mechanized force. Engaging and destroying the mechanized force is not a mission requirement. If you have to engage the enemy force or make the decision to do so, take up positions in the nearby town and

use the buildings as partial cover to fight the T-72's and SU-100. If you do engage this mechanized force from the town, expect an exciting and nail biting tank engagement that will take place entirely within a range of 650 meters.

Your T-34/85 in this mission, is modernized with a fully stabilized 85mm tank gun, gunner sight, halon firefighting system, and improved BPS, BKS, and OFS shells. The gun stabilizer can be turned off an on from the Gunner's position by hitting Ctrl S on your keyboard just like in the T-55A and the T-72B with the exception that there is no stabilizer light on the T-34's gunner display like there is in the T-55 and T-72.

This mission uses the Single3.pd script file. The Single3.pd script file included with this zip file has some modifications from the Single3.pd script file that you have in your T-72 BOF Data file. If you do not want to lose the current Single3.pd script file that you have please rename it or move it to another file on your computer. Replacing the Single3.pd will not impact the play of the original mission it was intended for which is the "Revenge" single mission in T-72 BOF. I have a great time playing this mission and I think you will too. Enjoy!

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