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Converting a CMBN tactical map to a CMBN strategical map

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Basically it's all a question of scaling CMBN up, so for example if you regard 1m as 10m on a CM battle map, then you can have a strategical area of 20 x 20km if you use a 2000 x 2000m CM map.

Make the weather Light Fog to reduce the view distance to 765m, then class 1 x Tank / HT as a Vehicle Platoon or Company, 1 x Squad as a Company or Battalion, 1 x Squad plus 1 Truck / HT as a motorised Company or Battalion, 1 x AT/Inf Gun as an AT/Inf Gun Platoon or Company and 1 x Heavy Infantry Gun as an Artillery Battery, then restrict all movement to Slow, then add 10m cover arc circles to all units and you are good to go.

As for buildings, a 1 storey house could be a village, a 2 storey house could be a town and a 3 storey house could be a city.

The strategical CM map can then be played as a standard PBEM game until opposing units come within a specified range of each other, for example 200m, then a CM battle can be instigated and fought on a CM tactical map of, for example, 2500 x 2500m representing the strategical area being contested.

The deployment zones on a 2500 x 2500m CM tactical map, for example, could be an area of 2000 x 250m for the attacker, a no man's land of 2000 x 750m, thus leaving the defender with a 2000 x 1000m deployment area.

Before the CM tactical battles, both players would take screen shots, or make a note of where all their units were on the CM strategical map, because after the CM battles are fought, an empty version of the CM strategical map will be loaded into the CM scenario editor, and all the strategical units that did not fight will be placed in the positions they were in before the CM tactical battles were fought, the CM units that did fight will be placed in the areas they finished after the CM tactical battle, with all combat effects applied.

If there is no third party to do any of the above tasks the the players will have to.

As long as each CM unit is given a unique name, casualties and combat effects can be tracked using the CM scenario editor unit modifiers.

For a guide to a simple way of calculating casualties and combat effects see the bottom section of the page at the link below.

I intend to create a strategical CM map and scenario based on a Panzer Campaigns scenario which i will make available at the BF repository as soon as possible.

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