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How to remove the potential for imbalance from H2H CM custom scenarios

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The way to play a custom H2H cenario and remove the potential for imbalance is to:

1 / Remove any terrain objectives and casualties as point factors.

2 / Place a one tile thick exit zone strip running the entire length of the rear map edge for both sides.

3 / Make the set up zones for a side into one single one to allow total freedom of deployment if there is not a logical or historical reason why a unit has to be stuck in a particular sector.

4 / Calculate your success or failure based on your knowledge of the OOB of your opponent after the battle, and the turn the defender exited all of their troops.

So for example if the defender is given 100 men and two guns to defend a town against what turns out to be a 1000 men and 10 tanks for 30 out of 45 turns before exiting all his forces off the map, that would be a classed as a win for the defender IMO.

So basically, for attack / defence battles, the turn the defender exits all his units off the map would be the deciding factor in determining who has won, however casualties could also be cross referenced but not as points in the traditional sense, but as a percentage of the total force available, also if it's a historical scenario players could find out before or afterwards what was expected of the real life force in the actual battle.

Applying this method would allow players to create their own arguments to determine the victor and avoid getting pissed at the designers victory conditions, and if both parties cannot come to a consensus the data should be open for scrutiny on this forum to let the people decide :)

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