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  1. OK, I didn't know that these programs do the exact same thing you would manually do. I thought there would be some mysterious and more complicated proccess. u_u Thanks for all the answers.
  2. Yep. I'm playing 2 pbem scenarios right now, one with the winter pack, the other with the set of mods I usually have. And, coincidentally, I play a couple of turns per day and game. So it's a pain to cut & paste the 7GB of the winter pack, cut & paste the 3GB of my usual mods, and a few hours later, cut & paste 10GB again, and cut & paste 3GB again (yes, ideally, and depending on your opponents, you could "only" cut & paste each folder once per day, but still). With a mod manager (which btw I've only used with Silent Hunter) you just click and it's done.
  3. Can you activate and deactivate mods without having to move folders then? If so, I'll give it a try. Of course you don't need to use a mod manager. You don't even need to use mods, for that matter. But in this particular case, moving, removing and moving and removing again, twice a day, 10GB of mods it's all but practical, and, like I said, makes your disc work unnecesarily.
  4. I tried to follow the instructions in the thread I linked, and moved my mods from the game directory/data/z to user/documents/etc. I created inside each and every mod a folder called user data, and inside it, another one called mod; and inside it, the mod files. The result was a complete mess, and not only I couldn't deactivate mods, but JSGME created a duplicate of every mod directly in the game folder (?). So I have no idea what I did wrong. If you succed, please let me know.
  5. Hey. I'm currently playing a scenario with the Winter Pack (7GB), and another with my usual set of mods (3GB). The Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V method is annoying (plus it makes the disc work extra!), so I was wondering if there is any mod manager that makes this job easier. I've tried JSGME as described in this thread, but either it doesn't work or I can't make it work. I've also considered using tags, but I don't think it's a very convenient solution, especially long term-wise (I'll have the same problem when I start new games). Any ideas? Cheers.
  6. Hmmm. The drivers are up to date, but now that you mention... it might happen more often (always?) when I press the Bloq/Num key in order to activate the numpad (which I tend to do in the last moment, when I'm prompted to) so I can type my password. So I'll try to not activate the numpad (or activate it before I run the game?), and see what happens. Thanks a lot!
  7. It happens every now and then, so removing all my mods would be somewhat annoying, cos I might have to get them removed for quite a while... but yeah, I reckon some mod could be the problem, so I'll try that if no other solution comes up. I can upload a save so you can try it, but the fact that rebooting the pc solves the issue suggests me that it might be hard to replicate it on another machine. In any case, if no one suggests anything else, I'll do that. Thank you very much for your help.
  8. Hey. Sometimes, when I load a game, camera shows up like this: https://imgur.com/s7HlsvG No matter what hotkey I use, no matter what camera control I try to use, no matter where I click or what I try to do, the camera either doesn't respond at all, or it just goes back to this position inmediately. It happens sometimes, apparently in a random fashion. Reloading the scenario doesn't help, reloading the game itself doesn't help, the only way to play that particular turn is rebooting the pc and then running the game again. I mostly play pbem, and I use CM Helper. CMRT 2.00 Windows 10, AMD RX 580. Can somebody please help me? Thanks.
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