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  1. First, thank you for your answer! To clarify my situation I would just like to add that the basic game starts well, as well as the module, except my current version is in 1.11 For proof, on the home screen it is marked down my version (Yes in French language because... I'm French ) : As for the two patches, I'm sure to download the one from BattleFront (I took the one because I bought the bundle on their site). I'm trying to download the patch 1.21 (already in 1.11) and then install the other two patches (1.31 - 1.32) ... However, I just installed patch 1.31 and 1.32 without downloading patch 1.21, the game is launching and in the menu, my version of the game had changed well, but in game ca was other thing ... sound problem, bug etc. I do not have too much idea for the error "win32", it seems that it could be due to a corrupted file on behalf of the server that hefers the file (so that's why I try all the links validated by BattleFront, without success) ...
  2. Hello everyone, I come here because I have a problem for the installation of the patch 1.21 of CB: SF, after installing the launcher of the patch it is impossible to start it ... My computer tells me ".exe is not a valid win32 application", I would like to point out that I have the BUNDLE version containing the basic game and its MARINES module, thanks to you and apologize for my approximate English.
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