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  1. No they don't need to own it and it's a good way to introduce people to the game.
  2. Problem resolved, Turns out it was a background issue with older keys, back room boys fixed it and managed to activate the keys this time around. Frustration over thankfully
  3. I recall deactivating the licenses prior to reformatting the computer however I've activated these keys many times this morning before going to bed trying to get this to work, Recall the window for activating the keys is quite different from last time. Sent a message via help desk so hopefully will be able to make progress there, tried one suggestion from the battlefront guys so far without success. Will try the other installers and keys to see if all goes well for those games (BN & RT).
  4. Yes I have the keys from the digital orders I've made and tried them, Black sea seems to be missing a module I'm sure I've played because I specifically recall two icons down along the bottom of the menu screen. CMSF accepts the keys but then has an error when I actually start the program.
  5. Oh I have up on those disks years ago Schrullenhaft had to buy it again that second time software only.
  6. So I've wasted my money? Do I have any recourse because now I have physical copys of the game as well that will come in the post?
  7. The activation screen says: Main Game Marines Module (old v1) British Module (old v1) NATO Module (old v1) This after putting in all the keys in different orders after trying the order the website without success (admin and AV disabled). However it said old v1 after putting in the new key not the ones after and I'm sure I've bought the game after v1 along with black sea at the time (10/21/2015) from battlefront. I have tried the black sea installer and the key did work had to do both the new then the old as the website says tho seem to be missing the battleback module wh
  8. Hello returning long time CM player, got the upgrade bundle for CMSF and the big bundle for some others that I have, However I'm having issues with CMSF atm (not even tried the others) and the game says license failure on launch. I've run the activator put in the new key then closed it run it put in the old base key then closed it run it and put in the dlc bundle key and it still says license failure. What's going wrong? BTW the link for manual activation is broken as well the page doesn't exist anymore the forum won't let me post the broken link.
  9. That's helpful thanks I had added exceptions but not for runservice.exe, explains what went wrong, frustrating thing was you get the notification and it give you the choice of removing or ignore, however in the ignore text it stated it will render the file unavailable I'd have liked to be at the meeting where that "feature" was discussed never heard the words false positive before. Glad it wont be a hassle unlike some lets say interesting issues I've ad with games remember DRM like Tages and StarForce the "WTF happened to my [insert device name here]" or "what's this massive backdoor in my com
  10. Title says it all AVG even when you tell the notification to ignore the "threat" does something to the executable to f**k it, I've not had this issue with AVG before I used to install it as standard on computers when I worked in a computer repair shop. How do I recover my licences since this has managed to completely ruin the install. Bloody frustrating.
  11. Thanks IanL i'll upload there when it's more complete. I've been trying to change a few thing including trying another map rotated 45 degrees from the current version to have a wider canal, however the jagged canal bank puts me off using it even though it's made the distances better. I'm still of a mind to make it more of a Deadstick inspired scenario as far as the layout goes it would be better balanced and have more replay value and I think as a result be more fun to play. Any words of wisdom IanL from a mission author regarding mission making or anything battlefront editor related?
  12. Thanks para nice site and the youtube channel is great Apologies to General Von Television I was not suggesting for a moment he did not do his research I'm certain he's gone into more depth that I have and likely will for that matter, I perhaps should have stuck with Deadstick inspired instead, I'm generally not one to release stuff I make for this game or other games outside a tight group of friends and family so now I'm looking at everything I do with this map super critically perhaps I should have started with a fictional scenario next time though. Updated file a few changes: Trenches ar
  13. Thanks para that quite helpful I've had a quick look the scope of the map is much better and despite the scale being different it does look alot more fun, I don't see a rail or tram line in the reference photos it have could be a designer addition same with the north west trenchworks. Mostly I have 5 pictures I've working from, a few descriptions and the film The Longest Day which I understand was reasonably accurate except the German shooting the flare into the bridge counterweight. I was not aware of the repository until an hour after I had posted lot's of mods and missions available gonna
  14. Operation Deadstick Pegasus Bridge mission Here is a map + mission I’ve been working on I've tried to get the numbers of people involved in the fighting accurate and names particular people and units when possible. It's not finished yet (mostly it's the edges of the map and reinforcements but should be playable with friends. A few things to note while I’ve tried to get the placement of buildings accurate relevant to the bridge things are not correctly to real life scale the major difference is that the actual canal is about 60 to 70 meters across where as in this map it's 30. The reason for th
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