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  1. Ultradave, Thanks. I was hoping that would be the case. I was going to try it to see if it works. Paul
  2. I think I need to reinstall most if not all of my Combat Mission games, Battle for Normandy has a "Game Files" folder. Inside of that, are the "Scenarios", "Saved Games" and "Campaigns" folders. These are missing on my Red Thunder, Fortress Italy/Gustav Line/Rome to Victory, Final Blitzkrieg and Black Sea folders. Has anyone documented the easiest way to get from a fresh install yo the current engines. There are a large number of patches. I wonder what happened to my missing folders? I did touch them in August when I installed the Game Engine 4 patches. Thanks!!
  3. I'm running Final Blitzkrieg on a Surface Book using the Nvidia GeForce GTX965M graphics card via the Nvidia Control Panel. I haven't played for a while. When I started it up my 'Battle', 'Campaign' and 'Saved Game' menu entries were all blank. I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers and still no scenarios. This is also the case for Red Thunder and Fortress Italy. I have used this machine successfully in the past, but I haven't played for a while. My OS has been updated to the 2004 version of Windows 10. Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Thanks!!
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