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  1. @Kevin2k Thanks you. Game is fixed.The update deleted v311.brz All good now. Again thank you.
  2. So I removed my mods{Z) folder. How do I tell if I am missing a .brz file? Would the clean install not have fixed that? Is there a list of the .brz files to make sure I have them all?
  3. I am not sure what I am doing wrong with the updates. I updated my CMBN. First I removed my mods than I did a complete uninstall. I ran the upgrade full install than the update. Game launches plays fine but the unit scrips are wrong. My one unit is a Stuart light tank and it says its a BTR. I also have some GI's running around and it says they are a Sherman troop. I have no idea how to fix this.
  4. I see a lot of peoples videos and they look way cleaner and stable than I seem to be able to get. Just thought I would try here and see what you guys do.
  5. @IanL, thanks for the help. I am not sure what happened. I ended up doing a complete uninstall reinstall and it all seems to be working fine. Thanks again.
  6. I just purchased the update to bring my game to engine 4. I activated and all seemed fine but there is no launch icon. The only launcher is the one to activate the game. Not sure what to do.
  7. I am sure this has been addressed before. I just could not find it. So here it is, I have a new pc I am running a Nvidia 1080ti 16gbram with a Amd Ryzen 5 2600 six core processor. My games run nice and smooth. I have all of the CMx2 games except CMBS. I have noticed a lot since upgrading to my new pc that the shadow/shaders with trees and vehicle textures flicker a lot. Sometimes it is very bad and I have a hard time enjoying the game. I know I can turn the shadows and shaders off but is there something I am missing within the game settings that could allow me to use full graphics and it run correctly? Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the comments gents. I will try the splitting of my squads to enter multi door buildings. As for the area fire I will give it a go as well. I normally do not mess with the squads except movement I try and rely on their abilities for better or worse.
  9. I got the Big Bundle last week. This is my first purchase of a non WW2 Battlefront game. I have to say I am impressed with this game. It has been a lot of agonizing stressful fun. There are a few things that add to the frustration that I think could be fixed. I will just get that minor rant out of the way real fast. 1. I do not like it when I give an order to enter a building with my boys just outside the door and two or three run all the way around the damn house to enter a door on the opposite side. They usually do not make it. I know this is minor but I try and not lose men and this makes it really hard and it is not a isolated incident it seems to happen every game no matter the different way I move into the building. 2. Enemy RPG-snipers are crazy! I will have a entire unit pouring fire into a AT squad at 200 meters and the little bastard will stand up and snipe my ass killing three or four men. I even had a sniper team miss for three turns and again little Jihad John will stand and smack my sniper. On that note do scopes do anything(not noticing it if they do). 3. My biggest frustration would be with Grenadier or MK19 gunners. You guys know that the gunners actually train with the weapons right? They are so inaccurate that when I was in the Corps they would not be allowed to use them. They seem way under powered as well you basically have to hit the person to kill them. Okay, sorry my bull**** rant is over! Now for the good.....The game is massive. I have played around 10 battles now and am loving the game. I really enjoy being able to play as all the different factions and use all the different gear that the game provides. There is nothing like rolling up a massive tank to support your grunts and just start leveling defensive positions...and holy crap the 155's make a big ass crater. Many years ago we hid a Humvee in a 500lb bomb crater but that's another story. All of the different factions that you can play really add to the game. You have so many different fighting styles and capabilities that you can create unlimited amount of challenging scenarios. The game runs very smooth for me. It runs better than "Red thunder" does not sure why but SF2 is very smooth even on huge scenarios. Well, this is my minor impressions of the game. I hope to make some videos of the game soon. I would highly recommend this game to any Battlefront fan or Modern conflict fans. It is an excellent game. Regards Bloody Bill
  10. Thank you for the reply. I was hoping it was not just my poor skills at the game.
  11. So I have not played for about 6 months and have not played v4 much. I am having a few issues. one on multiple occasions I have had a unit in a building engaging enemy troops and they break and run right out the front door towards the enemy and all die. I thought this was an isolated thing but after it happened a few times I looked into it more and it seems to only happen regularly on v4. The other thing I am noticing a lot with v4 is if I put troops in a building always one or two guys run out and get killed.
  12. @Schrullenhaft, I will try and answer these questions as good as possible. 1. Yes the Jerkiness happens not matter the size of the scenario. 2. I have tried both real-time and turn-based. 3. I have an intel core i5 CPU 3.2GHz 16 GB Ram my Radeon RX 550 is version 18.4.1. 4. Yes the Ge force GT 720 was the original card on the pc. 5. I run the game at 1920 X 1080. I hope this answers all. Thanks for the help.
  13. @Wicky, I have the 4G memory version of the card. I like the card it plays everything I have on high with no issues. It just will not play CM very well at all. I have an old Nvidia 720 that ran CM wonderfully but it just died on me.
  14. Hey gent, I have been playing these games for about six yeas now and have never really had a issue running the game. I recently purchased a new graphics card a Radeon RX 550 and it does not like CM at all. It will not play any of the games Normandy, Red Thunder or FB. So the game loads very slow and in game I move the camera and nothing happens for up to 20 seconds than jerk an the camera moves super fast. It is unplayable for me. Any suggestions? Thanks Logan
  15. This was only the second time I have called in air support. The first time I killed the team that called it in. My fault on that one I called for support and saved the game grabbed my dinner and a beer sat down forgot about the plane and moved my boys up to die. lol
  16. To be fair to the AI. I had units on three of its sides but it did show it's "6" to the most dangerous enemy. I think it was trying to get away but it should of backed out.
  17. I dealt with all three of them in one turn. Thanks for air support and my last remaining Easy 8.
  18. Sorry I did not explain very well. I was the U.S. in this fight defending a small village. I had two Sherman easy 8's killed the turn before and during the video I had 3 Jacksons killed by the King Tiger. I hit him 13 times at ranges of 500 and 600 m. The King Tiger on the move one shot killed all five of my tanks/TD all I have left is my 57mm directly to his front at around 80m.
  19. The King Tiger was my enemy. The AI drove right up to me and still killed everything.
  20. Hey gents, just though I would share my pain. I love these games but wow do I get my butt kicked at them.
  21. Well, I just put in about six hours of Final Blitz on the 55" tv. I have to say CM in HD is amazing! I still get slaughtered but I look good doing it.
  22. Thanks Mord. This has worked. My wife will not get the tv back now.
  23. I have two sons that play now and my daughter is starting to learn. The wife is a lost cause on strategy games. She does get a round or two of Left for Dead in with me about once or twice a month.
  24. My game is set to Desktop. I was not sure so I just checked. Wife home now anyways so I don't get the tv now.
  25. Hey gents, I was wondering if any of you can help. My monitor died so I hooked up to my 55" Vizio. I can play most of my games but none of the Combat Mission games(normandy, Red Thunder, Final Blitz) I get an error that says does not support that resolution. I tried to launch in smaller resolution but nothing seems to be working. Kind Regards Logan
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