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  1.  Thanks SGT,


    I've gone back installed 1.03 then 1.03 on top.   You're right it's a pretty good little game certainly  better than SF. Although I understand that we might be seeing in updated version to engine 4.   this does make a change from the others in the stable. I'm missing the brief firing order.





  2. 6 hours ago, dragonwynn said:

    Ok here is the updated .cam file that fixes the save bug.


    Just delete the old one and replace with this one. If you are several missions into the campaign then just save with the procedure mentioned above.



    Thanks very much for this and all your hard work.  I've never yet managed to delete or rename a file in the save box.  I'm sure I'm missing something.  

  3. 17 hours ago, Schrullenhaft said:

    What this an 'upgrade' using the Upgrade installer or was this a 'Full' (from scratch) install using the 'full' installer ? I assume that this is a Windows installation, is that correct ? If it is Windows, what Windows version are you running ? Is this installation on a desktop or a laptop ? What video card/chip do you have and what drivers are installed ? Is this just the base game or do you also have the Gustav Line module ? What did you activate, the 3.0/4.0 Upgrade or did you also activate Gustav Line ? Are you loading a particular scenario or campaign or is this a Quick Battle ? If it is a Quick Battle, what were the settings you used and what forces did you pick (formations, etc.) and what map did you select ?

    Yes it's an upgrade of the full game including Gustav line.  It's on a gamming laptop, which is running all the other CM titles properly without any bother it's a Nvidea gtx 1050 ti.  I've tried with scenarios and quick battles.  Same result.  I'm on Window 10.


    Would it be best to totally uninstall FI and then re install?


    Thank you  for your reply.

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