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  1. Hi Vin, Thanks for posting this very extensive AAR. It is to bad the mission ended in a Tactical Defeat. Despite this result I think you enjoyed the mission since you played it to the very end, even when you knew you would not win. The Americans had overwhelming numbers in men and material, and they used some good tactics as well. I know there was a failed artillery strike on WN 411c earlier in the mission. Had this strike been succesfull the battle could have ended in another way. I think you did not do bad at all. I'm going to watch your videos now. Thanks a lot for making these, and for
  2. To Fredrock1957: I checked my file and the HQ's in the NW were clocked on 3:00 hours playing time. So I don't understand what happened. I'm beginning to have doubts if I send Vin the completed file. Anyway, I have got to stop saving the same missions under different names. But I wont make any changes to the file. I'm glad you enjoyed the fight and thanks for the compliments. To Sakai007: Thanks for posting your AAR, and I'm not laughing at you because of the difficulty level you were playing the mission. Your explanation for playing on that level makes perfect sence to me. You had 45 more p
  3. Thanks for the feedback on this mission. Fredrock1957: good work! Only four men killed and two wounded, you got a better result then I did myself. Thanks for posting your AAR. You say the HQ's appeared as reinforcements? How can this be?:confused: This was not supposed to happen, I will take a look and see if I made a mistake somehow. No need to thank me for creating this mission, you are welcome. By the way, Vin suggested the idea for this mission so he deserves credits as well. Erwin, I agree with you. Fredrock1957 scored more then twice the points then the computerplayer, so this tactica
  4. It could be you only selected the description "1st Platoon Air Assault, 2nd Platoon Air Assault or 3rd Platoon Air Assault" of the 9th Company in the list of Activated Troops. In this case one can read that these units have a "Full" headcount. If one opens one of the platoons and selects any of the squads, Rifle teams or HQ's it will turn out the units have a headcount of 50%, well, this should be so anyway. So all units on the map already have a 50% headcount at the beginning of the mission. I agree with you on this one.
  5. If the headcount for a unit is set to 50% it seems to me the ammo load out is about one third of the original, in this case anyway. The Soviets had only 38 men left when this attack started so I had to cut the size of the purchased units in half to get to that number. Maybe I could have tried to do this in another way since I did not take into account this much loss of ammuntion for the HMG's. But you were wise to set small cover arcs as you will need your ammo. And thanks for the compliments on the map!
  6. Your scenario has a start time of 17:00 on July?:confused: I checked my file and it says 7 Januari, so I don't know what happened here. Anyway, I have used some other information for this battle then wikipedia. According to this information there was one attack at 15:30, one at 16:10, one at 17:35 and the main attack took place at 19:10. I used the last time at first since this is the attack that I attempted to simulate. But the Soviets (player forces) could not see anything coming because of darkness. The same goes for the computerplayer forces. So I had to change the time. Since there has al
  7. Yes, this was the intention, the mission is meant to be an infantrybattle mainly, with support of tanks and artillery. If you come to the conclusion some things in the mission should, or could be improved just let me know and we can disuss the matter if you wish.
  8. Well, a little bigger and a serious outift actually.
  9. :cool: Hi Phantom Captain, That is a nice collection of automatic rifles you have there. I would like to have these too. Do you think it is possible one could order them via the Internet and have them shipped over by special delivery (or something) to Europe? But seriously, you have got some beautifull rifles in your collection. And you just may have inspired me to make another CMA mission in the near future. It probably will involve more units then one company though, which I know you prefer. But you could always give it a try.
  10. I my reply of yesterday I did not mean to say you managed to neutralize all BDF tanks in the first minute but indeed just that first wave. I did not look close enough to see this sentence could also be interpreted as if I meant to say you managed to destroy every BDF tank on the map in one minute. I agree with you on this. Maybe it should be more like taking an educational test, the more difficult it is the harder it should be judged and vice versa which affects the endresults in a certain way. I totally get your position on the campaigns. And I think you are right to say there are a
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