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  1. I'm having trouble getting my new units to show up in the initial builds. I believe I've done it all correctly and they all show up when I place them on the map.They all move when told to move and behave as they should it's just that they don't show up in the initial builds despite the fact that I've made them available and the ones I've taken away still show up. The version of the rules is correct etc. so I am at a loss. If you can assist me download the scenario and see what you can figure out. Here are the new units and they move and fight just like they should... But they don't show up in the build section Even though I've set them up to be in the initial units
  2. Is there anyway to simulate being out of supply or being cut off from supply?
  3. Any way to damage resources with bombers like in real life? The oil fields should be prime targets for bombers.
  4. So is there no way to turn a mistaken land area back into a sea area?
  5. I just started messing with the editor and I get most everything but one of the most basic things. How do I "undo" anything? It's very frustrating to put some land where you don't want it exactly and not be able to put it back to a sea area. Argh! I'm sure it's something real simple but Argh!
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