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  1. Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.
  2. I've certainly seen the AI build and use planes but it's pretty hit and miss as Brit says. Sometimes he doesn't use them at all and then all of sudden he waylays you with them catching you completely off guard. In fact I rarely built planes myself until I got smacked with them. I will say one thing I've rarely seen though (if ever) is the AI building carriers.
  3. Just tried something else. Instead of just picking Hercules from the list, setting it up with the new png files, and trying to save it using save image I clicked the Add button first and created a unit I called "whatever". When I went in and set the image to be from the Hercules folder it let me save it successfully. The problem may have been I copied everything over to the Hercules folder including the _ImageDesc.unit file. Maybe this made the editor think it was an already existing unit but that there were conflicts between the data in the .unit file and the files in the folder and this was causing the error when I tried to save.
  4. Yes, I'm using the Add Base Images menu selection and I'm leaving 16 rotation images checked in the dialog box. I set Image Center as 32, 32 and set the sound to the Select-Bomberund and when I click ok it gives me the error dialog. Just tried the same thing on my Windows 7 pro (64 bit) desktop machine and got the same error. The Windows account I'm using is in the administrator's group. I should also point out that I'm naming the folder Hercules and the renaming the image names Hercules1-xxxx.png
  5. I'm experimenting with some of the new features included in the latest update. In particular I'm trying to play with the image editing feature. I created a new folder under units and copied an existing graphic set to it. I then renamed the each png file to match the folder name. So for example if the name was Bomber1-0000.png I renamed it to Hercules1-0000.png, etc. I then went in and to the game and brought up the image editor and set the base image to one of the png files. When I do this it seems display the image properly in the editor but when I attempt to save it by clicking Save Image it says error - "cannot save unit image". I am running the game as administrator. I even tried moving the folder out of Program Files (x86) but to no avail. I'm running this on Vista Ultimate 64.
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