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  1. If i start CM2 under Windows 7 64 i get : Unhandled exception: c0000005 At address: 0044ac66
  2. I tried out the following steps : Install XP / Win 98 into VM-Lite/MS Virtual PC / VMWare ( because it has an 3d display driver) Nothing was successfull. The pictures of the errors are different from flickering to black screens. I have got the actual Nvidia Driver and the Patches for CM. I guess the only solution would be the installation of XP on an seperat partition. Really strange, so far i was able to run every old game in a virtual machine or in the Dosbox.
  3. I`m not pretty sure if this is 100 percent the same problem. After the start i can choose a szenario, but on the battelfield map it starts to flicker and then the boxes are "empty" and the flickering continues.
  4. Ic have the same issue, but i use a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with the actual drivers. CBM 1 Works, 2/3 not. Is there a new patch aviable ? Thanks, Alex
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