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  1. I've been playing CM on and off for years. Looking for a PBEM match. I'm new to MP.
  2. I made a mistake. What I purchased was the bundle and not the base game. I thought I was getting both, bundle and game. The bundle activates with the key code so nothing to download.
  3. I purchased the Shock wave 2 bundle last night. Got a confirmation email soon after but I can't seem to find a link to actually download the game. I have already submitted a ticket to BF and contacted Sales, but if anyone can shed some light into this, I would appreciate it very much.
  4. Ahh! I new I spelled mosque wrong. such a dummy. Thanks for the help Normal Dude.
  5. Trying to make my own maps/scenarios. 1 hour later and I constructed 10% of the city on a small map. It's taking a while to get used to it. Anyway, I have a fun idea for a scenario and I need to add a mosk into the city but I can't seem to locate in the editor. Any helpful hints or advise would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just downloaded SF Marines and played a couple scenarios and loved it. I also played through a newer scenario from the Repository as Moon suggested and experienced a more challenging battles. I was pretty happy to see that the scenarios from the Repository also made it in the Marines module. I played my last game more realistically this time around and got a better experienced. I treated it as if I was there what I would do really do.
  7. I did update to v1.11 but I haven't downloaded the scenarios for the repository. I'll give that a try. I glad to read all the responses so far and it helps to see it in a different perspective. I'll try messing with the editor as well. That's something I did often on the WW2 games. My loyalty to BF games is still strong. Who knows, maybe my next thread will be about how awesome this game is.
  8. I would like to start off saying I loved CM WW2 games. I felt they were the best and the most historically accurate. AI tactics were good and sometimes great, especially on CM Overlord. I felt a real need to understand tactics in order to play effective in either singleplayer or multpilayer. In 2007 I was really looking forward to Battlefronts new CMx2 engine for the upcoming CMSF. Of course when I got the game it was impossible to play. I was running vista at the time and when I did play it was choppy. Now I have a computer that will run it so I installed it again and downloaded all the patches. I was finally going to Shockforce... I have been playing for about a week, mostly scenarios and a little bit of the campaign and I hate to say that I'm not happy with the game. Even on elite the game is somewhat easy. Playing blue has an incredible advantage and not to mention the enemy AI makes weird decisions or no decisions at all. Most of the time I can just lay a target to waste before I enter a building or a zone. I might suffer a couple of casualties but ultimately I will achieve my mission and clear all my objective. Sometimes my objectives will have already been achieved before I'm halfway there! I'm sure multilayer will have a different effect and would be more challenging but I would think I should find some enjoyment in single player. I'm writing this thread to see if anybody else feels the same way. I noticed there are not to many complaints in the forum. Maybe I'm being to critical? I really want to enjoy this game but I find it hard to. Maybe I should look into multiplayer instead? I'm not trying to be negative at all. The battlefront team in my opinion I have made great games over the years and I wish them success for the years to come. Looking forward to reading any comments.
  9. Here's something else I notice. When I've ordered an assault into a enemy occupied building or room, with javelin present. The man equipped with javelin is usually the first or second to enter the room. This has happened to me several time resulting to his death. I assume I could split the squads, but I would think he (soldier carrying javelin) would be the last to enter, or at least not so willing to run so far up ahead.
  10. The tactics I've used so far have gotten me ahead in the game, but my casualties run high in building assaults. Most of it is just pure frustration in getting my squads to assault a room properly. Not sure if it's me or a glitch in the game. An example would be sending a assault squad into room with enemy soldiers pinned down from suppressive fire, only to watch them move down the floor below them and wasting time. Sometimes they don't even enter the room, but just stand there holding there weapons. Another problem I've seen is when moving a squad from the second floor to another room on the third floor, and watching them go way out of there way to get there, even climbing up the roof. I'm curios to here if anybody else has had these problems.
  11. I'm glad if I helped. Vista sucks, but I'm happy I can still enjoy this game, even with limitations.
  12. I just recently discovered the annoying problem with saved games for vista users. THEY DON'T APPEAR! I searched the forums for any solution. All I found were others having the same problem, with no answers to fix it. Well, with a little work I finale figured it out. All you need to do is go to the saved game folder, it will appear empty but if you click on the "Compatibility Files" button on the bar above, it will show all of your saved games.
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