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  1. Ok, looks like I was simply to impatient. When I simply wait for 4 minutes the game saves without crashing. Impatient mashing the mouse button crashes the game.

    What makes me wonder is tha fact, the my laptop is rather powerful (i710thgen, 2070 nVidia, 32GB RAM).


    But anyway, I won't complain, I can continue to play 🙂




  2. On 2/5/2015 at 8:37 AM, Rokko said:

    I just tried it out and was able to open the CMRT scenario Gog and Magog in CMBS' editor without problems, I did only delete the OOBs beforehand.

    It wasn't the 10th byte I had to change, though, but the 34th (or 32nd if you are counting from zero).

    It is the first pair of numbers in the 2nd row, it was 08 and I changed it to 0A.


    So it's:

    00 CMSF

    02 CMA

    04 CMBN

    06 CMFI

    08 CMRT

    0A CMBS



    Its probably not the 32nd byte either but rather the 31st and 32nd byte together, unless BF wants to stop making CM games in the near future. Together they form the 16th hex value, or the 0x10 adress, which is where the number 10 comes from ;)

    If anyone is interessted in converting a map to CMCW: it's " 12 CMCW"



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