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  1. Okay it works now... Installed it in the Admin's user...
  2. No I deleted the old demo before... It's probablly Permission... I'll try to install it in the administraters account... I'll get back to you
  3. I have just finished downloading the demo again (this time from WorthPlaying) and it still does not work...
  4. I got it from GamersHell.com and it was 253 megabytes. I'll go ahead and try another server.
  5. I have just downloaded and installed the new demo. The only problem is that it does not appear to have been installed. I looked into the area in which the demo was supposed to be in and there was nothing. I had previously deleted the old demo so there is no chance the demo was placed over the older demo. I looked into the instalation log and found... </font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">s DropTeam/DropTeam.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/. checkdir error: cannot create /Applications/DropTeam unable to process DropTeam/DropTeam.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/</pre>
  6. I've been waiting for a new demo too. I hope it comes soon but the DT team has a valid excuse for not making one so no complaint from me really
  7. I think those videos that Imp. grunt were a little overboard. An explosion like that would have to let up debris that could damage another tank
  8. Nick06


    Thank you all for clearing that up!
  9. Nick06


    Well, Hermes is the Kind of Jack of All Trades (the hermes has air defense sensor jamming thus a Jack of all trades), Apollo though is the God of Healing (doesn't really relate to the tank at all). Ps. What do you mean Poesel?!
  10. Nick06


    Hello. I was just wondering, were the Apollo and Hermes named after Greek gods and were the tank capabilities modeled around the god they were named for?
  11. Ohh I thought you said no map editor back a little while ago when I had started that other topic asking for a map editor...
  12. WOW... It looks like someone just bought Dropteam and modded it to become that... lol copycats
  13. Nick06


    Sorry i couldn't get back to very soon but posting on this board isn't a full time job for me... Anyway, What the Heck? why not make it be able to blow up an ion tower? Okay, maybe TWO of these "BOOM!" devices could blow out an ion tower.... Oh and maybe BOOM could be an abbreviation for what it is. Hey, why not give BOOM a camera so that you can find it on the tac display and look around and then with another click, You suddenly realize why they called it BOOM.... The guys on the other-side of the map will look up and say, "Hey it's a mushroom cloud.' I guess to balance the power of the BOOM it would be two BOOMS to a squad of infantry. The squads will have to have a explosives specialist. Okay, so what would BOOM stand for or if there is some new name you think of, post it please....
  14. Nick06


    Hey you now what this game could use? So infantry set explosives. Like some kinda box or something that could be, then (with some kinda remote detonated. Well? pros cons?
  15. oh so you have that widget on your dashboard to, Jalinth! a good map maker could definitely make a good map out of that!!
  16. Im sorry i could not reply for a while but, I wasn't thinking about an actual skin of a jem hadar just a new infantry unit that could cloak instead of fly ....
  17. I agree with your first idea there. They are kinda weak
  18. Well first of all, has anyone here seen Star Trek Deep Space Nine? THe show is about a war over territory in space with a group of species called the Dominion. Their main fighting species is the Jem'Hadar. This species has a great advantage on everyone. First they are the most obedient species, they will do anything to please the commander. The reason for their obedience? They are addicted to a drug called Kettrecell White that can only be manufactured by the founders of the dominion. Now forget all those things before this. THIS is their greatest advantage: They can turn invisible for periods of time. If this could be done to the infantry.... Instead of jump-jets cloaks! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jem'Hadar [ September 23, 2006, 07:06 AM: Message edited by: Nick06 ]
  19. Okay. Im expecting an update sometime soon then!!!!
  20. hehhehehe wish i could see what it is...
  21. Give him a break for heavens sake... lol nice ideas though
  22. Well thanks hub!!! Ohh if this is secret or something dont tell me but in the first picture there is a spot missing next to that mountain that looks like it was removed on purpose.... What is it!??!!!!
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