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  1. Yeah, the 37mm gun is accurate to be sure and fun to use. But the behind armor effect is rather poor and the blast is rather weak, but the ROF and accuracy can make up for that in the right situation. My frustration is that the thinner skinned AFV's tend to cower and refuse to shoot if they percieve the threat too great. Like from a Pillbox or a Tiger.

    I've never tried them v a bunker before, though.

  2. I guess you have figured it already that Arty doesn't work v bunkers (except the huge stuff or so I have read)

    Inf with satchels are very effective as long as they are not getting shot at. Don't expect the hero to run up under fire and huck a charge trhough the slit. Bazookas'll get penetrations through the door okay, whether it ko's the bukner seems to be partly due to the exp of the crew inside (but I may be wrong) I've had zooks use up their ammo without the crew bailing, at other times you sneeze and they quit. (usually when they are mine, of course) Regular assaults w/ grenades typically have mixed results.

    I say you march your guys past it and hope he runs out of ammo shooting at everybody.

    Seriously though. The advantage you have is he's been spotted and you have flexibilty. So be creative and try not to give him any freebies. I don't know what your forces are, so I don't have any specific advice.

  3. GDOG,

    The odds are in favor of the pillbox at that range. Search previous threads for Antipillbox tactics. Very sound advice from JasonC.

    Bottom line..luck and razzle dazzle don't work. superior firepower, smoke and bypassing it will.

    Even with smoke it will get little windows to shoot at you so don't think you're invisible.

    If that doesn't work try looking on youtube for a Disney training film called: "You and a pillbox: Concrete creampuff."

  4. It seems 16's won't or can't use flame on a target directly in front at over 40m. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    They seem to cheerfully use the FT at the 30m-40m regardless of the aspect of target. But, they are more likely to use the FT if the target is somewhere between 15 and 60 degrees from the front.

    Other than that I am not sure of your crew's reluctance. Are you engaging vehicles or infantry?

    The 16's will also back away from a percieved AT threat (bazookas, .50, etc.)pretty fast.

  5. Hiding Zooks to deny points to enemy...Not gamey.


    As far as moving them, one thing that has sorta worked for me is keeping the zook fairly close to the hq. The only advantage is that sometimes the hq gets shot at instead of the zook, and if the zook panics it has farther to go to leave command radius. It also gets a bit more protection from the hq.


  6. Hiding Zooks to deny points to enemy...Not gamey.


    As far as moving them, one thing that has sorta worked for me is keeping the zook fairly close to the hq. The only advantage is that sometimes the hq gets shot at instead of the zook, and if the zook panics it has farther to go to leave command radius. It also gets a bit more protection from the hq.


  7. Originally posted by patboy:

    Hull down is good position but don't forget your turret armor is less than your hull armor!

    Only on certain tanks. On many the armor is thicker (or harder to penetrate due to armor = slope) making the tank even safer in hull down.

    Poor Old Spike ran some very good tests regarding the matter. He demonstrates the advantage of hulldown even if turret is very thin

    And yes, being hull down blocks the bow MG.

    [ November 14, 2007, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: Broompatrol ]

  8. Thanks all, good info.

    I guess I should have specified that my question would be how it relates to Combat Mission. I know that Coys don't wander the countryside looking for things to blow up on their own, but within the context of the game there are many company sized scenarios. I noticed that Vickers don't seem to be as common as HMG42's or M1919's. So, I was wondering how the Commonwealth forces visualized the proper use of Vickers.

    Anyway thanks again. It helps to learn how they would be deployed.

  9. When I said operation I simply meant a companiy sized mission. I should have been clearer.

    I was wondering how Bn would use the Mg platoon. Spread them between companies or did they just use them as they saw fit dependant on the situation?

    Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Broompatrol:

    How were Vickers typically farmed out to units?

    Would a company level operation ever have a Vickers?

    Finally, was the reason they were not attached to Companies becuase of their mobility?


    a) One MG platoon per a battalion, IIRC. Or one MG company (3 platoons of 4 guns) per brigade.

    B) Name a company level operation. I don't believe such a thing was common.

    c) They were actually far more mobile than the infantry, having tracked mechanical transport of their own, so I doubt that was the reason. </font>

  10. Does anyone have an idea how effective the gun gyros are on the M4 and M3 in CM?

    In previous threads I found reference to the real thing, but not how it was modelled in the game.

    Is speed or terrain a factor? Does it make sense to halt gyro equipped tanks to fire? Or, would it be better to shoot and scoot all over the place?

  11. As long as there people willing to play, I for one can see playing for years. Unless an updated WWII era wargame is released, of course.

    To me this game is akin to digital miniatures battles or chess. The fun is in playing with others in a facinating genre, not so much the technology involved. The internet allows me to play people from all over the globe w/o having to go to a convention

  12. Ha, another turn and I have figured out his secret. If you have seen the "War of the Worlds" film with Tom Cruise you will get this:

    The dark powers from beyond that my enemy serves had planted dormant multidimensional creatures in the Earth Millennia ago. The bombs the Luftwaffe are dropping are actually occult devices that awaken the creatures which, in order to become corpreal must possess the body of a fanatical SS volunteer at their secret Bavarian Temple. The Volunteer's soul disappears into a black hole in the Planet's core that feeds the Old Ones and then the reconstituted corpse bursts from its grave in Crete where the brave men of the Commonwealth are forced to fight these supernatural horrors.

    If you don't beleieve me I have proof.

    I will upload some pics shortly. Thansk To MikeyD for some nice sky mods

    Inspiring the men

    p><p>  <img src=

    More evidence

    <a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://img181.imageshack.us/img181/1804/treesintogermansro1.th.jpg' alt='treesintogermansro1.th.jpg'>

    Infantry indeed!

    [ October 10, 2007, 05:28 PM: Message edited by: Broompatrol ]

  13. Just finished Tiger Valley v CabeBooth which resulted in a bloody draw!

    This has got to be one of the most fun scenairos I have played. Truly brutal.

    Being the masochist I am I chose Allies. After finishing the scenario I can see how it it really is fairly balanced point wise, but extremely demanding for either side to gain a true edge.

    Even though the topic has been done is anyone interested in my obeservations? I would also invite feedback and critiques.

  14. Someone did some tests suggesting that the horiztonal axis of the Hetzers hull slope was modelled (rather than the vertical sides like a Tiger or Sherman turret), as well. Which means that in a hull down position incoming rounds are basically skipping off an almost flat surface, like stones on a pond. Whether that is true or not I don't know. But, I do know that hull down Hetzers are very hard to kill frontally with 75mm guns.

    JasonC created some training scenarios for using inf. Very helpful if you're not already groggy.

    Finally, 25 turns is a little short giving giving an edge to the defender.

  15. Originally posted by Corvidae:

    Still at it. And discussing many off topic matters in the process.

    I must say that the Luftwaff does a fine job killing German paratroopers...

    Also my esteemed opponent is making very good use of his infantry.

    Yes, Apparently the Luftwaffe have their own plans.

    Very kind of Corvidae to comment on my Inf. Tactics. I wish I could see what he is seeing. From my perspective they just duck and crawl whenever a Jerry says, "Boo!"

    Grass is always greener I suppose.

  16. Another turn and more fun! Another accurate bombing run landed a stick of bombs into my trenches and some of my lads defending the flag. Another squad is cowering and Battalion HQ continues to flee in panic. There are German para's cresting the rough terrain around my trench network tossing greandes as they go. They seem impervious to mg fire. Obviously a result of their "ubermensche" brainwashing.

    I have discovered that not only can they turn trees into soldiers, but rocks as well. I can't wait unitl I am withdrawn from Crete and transferred to Tobruk.

  17. Hmmm....Not sure where I screwed up..That makes the defense a little trickier redface.gif

    Originally posted by JasonC:

    I don't think the Russian tanks have to be low quality, actually. 1000 points plus attack odds means the Russians actually have 1500 points to play with.

    If they have an armor or unrestricted force type, they can readily afford 6 KVs, 6 T-60s, and still have a full SMG company of infantry, a 120mm FO, 2 towed 76mm and jeeps to move them, and infantry heavy weapons in the form of 4 MMGs, 2 82mm, and a few ATRs.

    If they are restricted to a combined arms force type but have a mech parent unit, they can take 4 KVs, 5 T-60s, an SMG company plus a pioneer company, towed 76mm and 37mm AA (or 2 of either), a prime mover, similar heavy weapons, and 2 120mm FOs. All with regular quality.

    This is marginally fewer KVs than described in the original post, in the combined arms force type case only, but entirely robust in combined arms terms, and should have no difficulty KOing a single heavy PAK and all the Flak they can manage to spot.

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