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  1. Funny how othewise the best game ever can have a lousy map designing. Me and my friend made 2 maps in a day, and it was impossible to beven believe it was the same game. Why roads end nowhere, there are no fences over houses and so on -a real terrible mistake. After a days work we had tunnels, rivers, bridges, railways and stuff, which aren't even in the ready maps made for campaigns. Hire us, if you cant get better looking scenary. Usually around church, there's a wall, graveyards qnd railroad bridge over river and traintracks immediately bring new kind of reality. Otherwise you guys a
  2. Something my friend pulled from scrap (quite fast) is now sent to the 'Depot'. Combat testing underway... -ave- (Map name: Land and Lakes, large, designed for PBEM, clumsily named.)
  3. ..By looking at different direction. We see Finland that had kind of two 'conflicts' (full warfare), with the red atmy and the soviets. Among your calculations is good to remind yourself, How on earth the Finnish troops repelled soviet armoured assaults. If pure numbers is your focuspoint, we could't/couldn't have. We had no tanks, light gunnery compared, no air superiority and a thousant km's long border. There was a popultion of 4 million, and land covered by woods neverending. The strenght of finn. Army was quite high- 500 000 men. I must say the finns in this engine have great disadvan
  4. News to the Frontline Greetings from Finland and I hope spring is feeling as goog there as it is here. For ages me and my friends started another round of 'Barbarossa to Berlin' play-by mail games. As you well must know by now, your game is the best batllefields simulator ever. Only thing more mindblowing would be something like WarHammer 40K using your engine or such. One thing keeps troubling -or should I say makes me wonder? If you have the most glorious engine, the best atmosphere, realism and control, why most of the maps and scenarios seem to be so badly engined? I don't mean they
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