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  1. It'd be fascinating to have all the movies and see how different people created and solved the different problems.

    Any AARs planned?

    It is a nice idea (always love to read an AAR), but it really does take a lot of time. Especially for one like me who isn't that adept in drawing and making notes into screenshots etc. Not to mention posting those pictures into this forum..

  2. Tux,

    were you aware the targeting routine is programmed to go after the most expensive thing, point wise? This means veteran tanks get targeted before regular, heavy tank before light tank, etc.

    Are you sure this is true ? I've read a couple of times that, as a "tip" playing against the AI with T34's you should lead with your Panzers III and follow with your Panzers IV. The Panzers III would attract the fire and could cope with this better then the Panzers IV due to

    their thicker frontal armour, and the Panzers IV would KO the T34's with their long 75 mm guns. So, if this tactic is valid/true, obviously the targeting routing wouldn't go for the highest points unit, but for the easiest to hit unit.

  3. Originally posted by dinga44:

    Has anyone heard from Redbear recently? He sent me his initial setup file last week which I returned on Wednesday. I sent the same file again on Saturday but still haven't had a reply. :confused: :confused: :(

    The end of last week he wrote me that he very probably had to go for his work out of town and that we wouldn't be able to connect to the internet. He feared he would be gone for a longer period of time...

    @Sly: Redbear and I are in the last part of our first round game.. Waiting for his reply (obviously !) Interesting game BTW.

  4. To avoid spoilers and/or an unfair (dis)advantage for some of the players we would have to know first which of the 3 scenarios have all finished before we start discussing them.

    I just finished the "devil" scenario and Mackay's Fortress is in its last few turns. The 3rd game however is just at halfstage, so will take some time to finish.

    So, Sly, which scenario is safe to discuss ?

  5. Really? Could be typos on my part.
    Indeed, nothing major. Very minor actually (I said I was picky smile.gif ). You refer to a major road "Rikjsweg". This should be "Rijksweg" (which means something like "state road"). And the other thing that got my attention was "Hoogenveen". This should be Hoogeveen as there is no Hoogenveen in the Netherlands (http://www.viamichelin.com/viamichelin/gbr/dyn/controller/mapPerformPage?ie=utf-8&strArrivalDate=&strDepartureDate=&strPersons=2&strCountry=285&strAddress=&strMerged=Hoogenveen&x= 0&y=0#locid=31NDF1azcxMGNOVEl1TnpJMk1qRT1jTmk0ME56YzNOZz09).

    As I said nothing major.

  6. First comment about the scenario's: they all look great ! Very detailed. Beautiful colours (compared to the other two CM games I find the lush green of CMBO more appealing to the eye).

    As a picky dutchman I must point out that there are a few minor spellingmistakes in some of the names in the Dutch scenario.

    Now to find out if they play as well as well as they look !

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