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  1. I too would like to see the ability to make custom scenarios with AI. Not all of us have the time to play a multiplayer scenario, even with PBEM. Having AI in user created scenarios also allows players to test their own scenarios before releasing them to the fan base.
  2. Just a note pzgndr, Medal of Honour: Pacific Assult is not an RTS, it is a First Person Shooter. I don't know what reporter thought it was an RTS but they are wrong.
  3. I actually think that the Macro/Micro pattern is much harder to see than just the Macro one from your picture. I would also like to point out that the picture doesn't really do either of the camoflage types justice as the APC is sitting out in the open and not in cover where it's camoflage would be most effective.
  4. Fair enough. Thanks for that Major H and Coyote.
  5. Thunderhorse's question is an interesting one Major H. Why isn't there a campaign mode in TacOps? I would have thought that a campaign mode, or the ability to link scenarios into a campaign, would have been a prerequisite for TacOps when being ordered by the various militaries that employ TacOps as a training tool.
  6. Good for you. Battlefront is pretty good with it's delivery. I live in Australia and my game of TacOps arrived a good two weeks before the time stated that it would arrive. I hope you enjoy the game.
  7. Ahh ok. So what is the consensus?
  8. I don't see why it matters how long it takes to dig an entrenchment. The entrenchments you can deploy at the start of some TacOp's maps are prepared positions that you probably had plenty of time to prepare in the firt place since all the scenarios that I have played involving entrenchments have appeared to be flanking moves by OPFOR against BLUEFOR secondary units in flank protection positions.
  9. To pick up speed cameras and stuff. Isn't that what they are used for in private cars, a kind of speed camera detectin system?
  10. But what does it matter if it doesn't burn anything? The original reason for flame throwers being created was to make it easier to clear out trenches in WW1 if I'm not mistaken. And this HFS-1 "Buratino" seems to do the job with the added benefit that you don't have to wait for the fires to burn out before you capture the position.
  11. You said that the ARENA system as a covering arc of 300 degrees, which area of the tank is located in the 60 degrees that aren't covered or does the AREA array rotate so that no one part of the tank is constantly without coverage? Also, since urban areas seem to be an increasingly common place for tanks to go and the opponents that they are fighting are usually militia with only basic AT weapons, will this system be able to counter dumb fire AT weapons like RPG's, SMAW's or LAAW's, or even wire guided missiles that don't use laser targetting?
  12. How does the tank detect when it is being targetted in the first place so that it can know to turn on it's anti-AT missile system? Also, wouldn't this system be quite large and mean that the other capabilities of the tank would have to be sacrificed to allow it?
  13. Upon going to your site www.warfarehq.com I was unable to access the link http://www.wargames.warfarehq.com/forums/index.php and so could not access your forums or anything else for TacOps. Is this a temporary site thing or is it a problem at my end?
  14. Air strikes are best used against rapidly advancing enemy units rather than implaced enemy positions. The reason this is so is that it is usually hard for a rapidly advancing enemy force to keep within range of AA cover, as you have to transport the SAM units and then unload them if you want them to fire/provide cover. This is not a problem for the enemy when they are defending or are in a static position as they can deploy their SAM units and then not have to worry about moving them unless over run. The only way I can see of being able to use airstirkes against an enemy defensive positon
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