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  1. Hello, Bannon why the Scenario Depot, it looks almost the same as the Proving Grounds. Also what was your best Scenario.
  2. Thankyou Bannon, as you know making a sceario is not an easy job. First it should be balanced so both players have a chance of winning. Second, try to keep it interesting. Third, making historical games needs alot of research and takes alot of play testing over and over. Sometimes all the work pays off. Thanks again....Rudy
  3. Alot of us have made CMBB scenario's based on historic fact. Some great, some poor. I was wondering, if you picked just one of your scenario's as best, which would it be? And where can we download them. My pick for mine would be Kharkov, at the proving grounds. Please let me yours......RUDY
  4. Hello, I used to go out on sunny days and read books and visit friends and go to the movies, but not any more. For the last three years CMBB has stolen most of my time. From the first minute that I saw the demo I was hooked. Its like a drug, I want more, and just when I vowed to my self to put the game away for 2006, they come up with CMC expansion. THANKS ALOT BATTLEFRONT [sarcastic]... I guess I wont have a life for the forseeable future either...
  5. I would like to thank all the players who gave their input and helped with this scenario. Of all my scenario's this was the most work with researching the history and maps, and play testing . The scenario can be found at the proving grounds. THANKS AGAIN......
  6. Once a road block is placed, why cant it be destroyed or pushed out of the way? It seems that they are stronger than in real life.
  7. Hello, I am playing a scenario in which I have a dozen t34s and my opponent has 3 pz4s and a tiger. He is on the defencive and keeping his armor at the back of a village. He sticks out his tanks only to take a quick shot, then disappears back in the village. In this way I have lost a couple of vehicles. Every time that my infantry move, they are shot up in the open ground. Please can someone tell me how to approach the village with low casulties and then how my t34s can tackle the tiger? P.S. Keep in mind that I cant get behind him.
  8. Hi guy's, I just uploaded two versions of Dracula's Castle in time for halloween I hope you enjoy. You can find them at the proving grounds. Now that winter is almost here its time to get back into Combat Mission. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  9. The hsf for a company commander in CMBB what rank is that? I think its a Major. Anyone out there know?
  10. Hi guys, I have just uploaded my last scenario, Sevastopol Port, for both two player and ai. Since I purchased CMBB, I have not had a life! Every day for the last year and a half, I've been playing the game or making new scenarios . Summer is here again and its time to get out more, read a book, visit friends, and try other games. I would like to thank all of you who left ideas on how to improve on my scenarios, your input has been educational. If Battlefront should one day come out with a CMBB gold edition, with improved graphics and more additions, then I will be back with a vegence. Until t
  11. Hello, I just love the game CMBB, I play it every day, and since I purchsed it a year ago, I dont have much of a life any more. But lets face it, when you compare it to other games, the graphics on the CM games are showing their age. I see that Battlefront is comming out with new games all the time, do any of you think that they will release a ''Combat Mission Berlin to Barbarossa'' Gold edition, with enhanced graphics?
  12. Thankyou Sergei, everthing is working fine now. Thanks
  13. Hello, Im in the middle of making another scenario, where the map is doing strange things. The map Im working on now has a few different bodies of water, and I wanted one of the ponds to be a little lower than the ground so I put the water level at -6. My problem is that all the other ponds and rivers automatically became level -6 even though I never ordered them at that level. Now the map looks funny, so I didnt save the changes. I tried rebooting and starting again, but the same thing happens. Any ideas, please help.
  14. Thanks guys for your interest in my scenario Hitlers Bunker. Some of you are planning to play vs. human player, but I have only play tested it against the AI. I wanted to add road blocks but the avenues of approach are already limited. Can someone tell me if roadblocks can be destroyed? P.S. New scenario next week.
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