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  1. I have a 2.5 day operation of the defence of St. Vith. 1st turn; US Arm. Recon (Black Horse) vs. VG Inf 2nd turn; Adhoc US Eng. group vs VG Inf 4th turn and on; CCB 7th Arm vs. VG Inf + Furher Begliet Brig. kampfgroupe, both sides dribble on. It needs to be played against a human with the condition that the FB Brig. unit sets up along the northern edge, historical flavor. Any takers?
  2. Any body out there got a contact, website or address where to buy topographical maps of France, Beligum, Luxemburg and Germany, Italy would be nice too?
  3. I was playing a neat operation scenario this weekend about Stoumont. I was as the US and the Germans (computer) got two King Tigers. Well I dispatched them both!!! The first one got nailed by a 76mm AT Gun, a front turret penetration at about 600 meters!?! The other got nailed by a M-4 (75), a side turret penetration at about 300 meters!?! It seemed too easy to kill those beasts! Anybody else experienced this?
  4. During Operations is there any way to use the zone colors to show where reinforcements should enter? Green first , blue second, etc.??? I have a Operation scenario on St. Vith that I am building and I need the FB Brigade to enter on the North Edge of the Map, while my Heer units come in for the east (the Effiel). Any suggestions?
  5. I've modified a operation scenario on Stoumont by adding a bunch of trucks, mounting all the stray German units. It was a mechanized advance! The computer won't move these trucks at all!!! The armor advances and engages, so do some of the half tracks, but the trucks never move!? I've waited 10 or 15 turns and then surrendered to check the German advance and those trucks have not moved??? Any sugestions? It would be nice to give units objectives in operations like you do in battles! This maybe one that can only be played against the living.
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