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  1. I know exactly what you mean Iron Duke. I was with an 8" arty unit and went on a number of live fire exercises with them. The recoil is enough to rock the unit back on its tracks. I can certainly understand the need for the rear blade on the SP chassis. My favorite was standing on the ammo carrier behind the gun during a night fire. You could actually see the round flying down range. Jeff
  2. It truly is sad to hear that the armor collection there is going to pieces...literally. I worked at Edgewood Arsenal a number of years ago and actually lived in Aberdeen. I frequented the museum often. I even attended a weekly wargaming gathering which took place each Sunday at the Aberdeen Officers Club. Hmmm...I wonder if any of the guys I gamed with back then frequent this board at all. Somewhere in one of my two large totes full of photos are pictures I took of some of the vehicles and guns at the Aberdeen museum. I should spend some time locating them someday soon. Jeff
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