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DropTeam Demo won't install on Mac OS X

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Yay, new DropTeam demo! (The last demo's updater was pretty buggy on the Mac this summer and I gave up on trying out this game.)

So today..

I run the new Demo's installer on my Mac OS X 10.4.8 PPC system and though the installer appears to run fine, and the install log file looks reasonable, without error, but no /Application/DropTeam directory is created and no demo inside to run. Here's the log:

INSTALLTHREAD: Installing to >/Applications/<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2<

Executing: >cp InstallData/MacOSXBinaries.zip.bz2 /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2<

Executing: >bunzip2 -f -q /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2<

Executing: >unzip -o /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip -d /Applications/<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip<

INSTALLTHREAD: Copying data archive to >/Users/jay/data.zip.bz2<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/data.zip.bz2<

Executing: >cp InstallData/data.zip.bz2 /Users/jay/data.zip.bz2<

Executing: >bunzip2 -f -q /Users/jay/data.zip.bz2<

Executing: >unzip -o /Users/jay/data.zip -d /Applications/DropTeam/DropTeam.app/Contents/Resources/<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/data.zip.bz2<

Executing: >rm -rf /Users/jay/data.zip<

When I try hand-executing these commands, I get:

$ pwd


$ cp InstallData/MacOSXBinaries.zip.bz2 /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2

$ bunzip2 -f -q /Users/jay/DropTeamBinaries.zip.bz2

bunzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.


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