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Combine Squad weirdness (bugs?)

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The first time I noticed some weird behaviour with the combine squad command was posted in this thread:

I have since seen it in RT as well, like this, when HQs have command capability despite leader/commander being a casualty:


The command capability is restored when the unit is combined.

Since then I've also noticed that the UI doesn't always keep track of men alive in a squad after it has been combined. Like this:




Other weird behaviour I have seen is in the Polish FI/GL campaign is that when I combine a squad and then save the game, once I reload they are un-combined.

Lastly, sometimes the Combine Squad command button is highlighted but you can't combine. Other times the squad is combined but the unit is deselected and other times not. So there seem to be some inconsitencies with this command.

Most of these things have been noticed over some time, but I might be able to dig some saves up if someone wants to look at it.

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