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[REQ] Please include campaigns' script in the briefing official template

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Dear Battlefront Staff,

could you please consider including official campaign's script files in your official briefing template package?

It will make people who localize official campaigns* able to do a better work for the sole benefit of a, minor but still, part of your fanbase, then able to fully enjoy Combat Mission in their own language.

* scenarios and manuals alike, people at CombatMission.fr and JAPANZER for example.

As far as I know, the way we do it as of today is to recreate from scratch (and guessing) the campaign script, which is probably not quite the most efficient way.

Of course, I cannot know your own constraints nor I know what would be the implications of such a move for you but from my limited Target Arc, it could be a Win-Win situation.

Thanks for your attention.


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