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  1. I agree with your point, thanks for your answer. I hope in CM V5 this might be a feature
  2. Hello, is there any key or way to disable the buildings to look transparent when there are soldiers inside of them? It just for pure cosmetic like taking more realistic screenshots. I didn´t find they way how if it is possible. Thanks you very much for your help
  3. Hello, Yesterday I was playing CM BS v4.0 in my laptop, specifically Task Force Spartan mission 1 while after some turns, around 15 the game crashed to desktop without any warning message. Before that I noticed that the game was having problems launching some sounds when the camera was close to action, like a tank firing or a rpg making impact. The game was running, then stops, then the sound it had difficulties to load sounds and it continues running.Till the final crash. My game is heavily modded graphically and with HQS MOD for sounds. Could this be related to the crash? I never h
  4. I have found the issue! It was a preinstalled program called Sonic Suite II. Every time the program is launched CM are unable to start and give me the same error, what could be the cause to this?
  5. But McAffe was from the very beginning, before any game installation
  6. Just games, they only one that might be strange after CM installation are: -Visual Studio 2010 tools for Office Runtime(x64) -Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11 -McAfee LiveSafe -Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 -Punkbuster Services -BattleEye But near all of them are installations that came with other games installed
  7. I did but I didn´t receive any check so I am not sure if it arrived
  8. Good night guys, I have reinstalled my CM games on my new laptop and they were working ok until every one of them is giving me an error every time I launch them, the error is: "Assertion failed" Program:.... File C:\edisk\Source\SDK\PC\GS5_lntf.cpp Line:407 Expression: apis(90) I have searched on the forum and it seems that someone more had it but I couldn´t find a proper solution, I do not have Hibiki installed. Also I tried reinstalling the games and C++ libraries but it didn´t work. In case a moderator see this, could you please confirm me that my support
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