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  1. Hi, Bill! Glad you're still here! I have had endless hours of fun playing the Strategic Command series. I was hoping for something like a self-cap setting for the carriers, but we have to work within the capabilities they give us. I sure that some kinda "Maximum Range to Intercept" button on fighters (both carriers and ground) would be a welcome addition to anything you are working now, whatever that might be. Please tell me that the Strategic Command series is not done!
  2. Late to the party. Anyone still here? Email dailongstreet@gmail.com
  3. Don't know if this forums is active or not, but I have a question... How do carriers behave when their combat flight is listed as "Ground"? Are they set up to ground interdiction in their turn? I have never seen this during play. If however the designers are talking "grounded" status, meaning no strikes...do they at least defend themselves, or are they sitting ducks? There has to be a way to set to Combat Flight so it just protect their own carrier. Otherwise sneaking up on the enemy is impossible without putting your carriers at undue risk! Random Generic
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