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  1. Never mind. I was following the Scenario AAR guide, which is wrong, because it specifically states the file name for the overlay is "special_editor_overlay.bmp" when, in fact, it should be "special editor overlay.bmp" WITHOUT the underscores. I had to find this in the v3.01 manual. You may want to fix that, especially when you are shipping something with the product.
  2. I am trying to create a 4km x 4km map (max allowed by the editor) to accurately represent an area for use in a demo for some tactics instructors for the US Army. I am having a problem with getting the .bmp overlay to show in the map editor. I have it in the correct area(s), as I created a Z folder in both the ProgramFiles(x86)/Battlefront/Combat Mission Black Sea/Data/ and the User/Battlefront/Combat Mission Black Sea/User Data/ area (just to be sure). No overlay when I open the editor. The only thing I can think of is the bit-depth of the .bmp is wrong? I have tried 16-bit and 24-bit. The file name is correct. What am I doing wrong?
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