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  1. I will certainly try to download one of the demos, be interesting to see if things work better there, as for my internet connection, I'm very fortunate to have pretty decent and reliable 1Gbps broadband that can very occasionally play up, but generally is more than adequate for downloading, streaming and playing online games simultaneously. The problem was that the download didn't even begin, and although I do have my browsers set up in a way that maximizes security and privacy, as mentioned, I have never encountered issues like this before, having downloaded software in the past 6 months
  2. Unfortunately this issue was not resolved in the way I hoped it would be, however, I must thank Battlefront for resolving this issue in the next best way by giving me a full and prompt refund, they were very helpful and polite about it. As much as I'd rather have the game to play at least I didn't have to fight for my money back. I really hope this game ends up on a more reliable and user friendly platform one day, I will certainly buy it and other titles in the series as and when that happens.
  3. I've submitted a ticket and, aside from an automated reply to confirm that I have submitted a ticket, not a murmur. I asked the community because I would assume that 99% of you have purchased a game from here and there is a chance someone else has experienced the same issues and might be able to offer some useful advice, isn't that what communities are for? As for venting, $55 has left my account and I am yet to see anything for it, that is surely a vent worthy situation.
  4. Just bought this from official store, created account, paid and so I am invited to download the game. it takes me to the download page, I click on the file and I get the following message 'Unable to download The request could not be authorized. Please reload this page and try again' I have retried several times and it will not work. Any suggestions? I understand that 3rd party platforms like Steam take a cut, however they make this process entirely less stressful, that also applies to installation, patching and applying player made content too, I'm a fan of your games but i
  5. Stanley Kubrick invented AI that was capable of running a space ship mission and everything that that entails including managing resources, dodging asteroids and ejecting foecal matter plus it could play chess at the same time and always win as well as deciding upon and executing a strategy to kill human beings but make it look like an accident AND THAT WAS IN THE 1960'S.
  6. I never understand this 'it's a niche game' argument. All games are niche, only some fill a larger niche than others and there are few larger niches in gaming than RTS. I have been looking at this game for a couple of years but have only just taken the plunge, and if I am honest the graphics definitely played a part, I know that is slightly daft and now I have the game I love it and regret the delay, however, you can bet that a lot of potential buyers hear about the game and it instantly appeals, then they investigate the game and after watching footage of troops moonwalking over fence
  7. Cheers Schrullenhaft for the help, a detailed and comprehensive reply indeed : ) I think I have it sorted now.
  8. GetTactical mod for Arma 3 which is still a WIP shows a lot of promise and takes the FPS/RTS genre into new territory. You cannot deny it looks glorious. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182473-GetTactical-a-tactical-RTS-interface http://youtu.be/9L0Do1kMaGY?t=13m3s There are community made missions that involve combined arms and huge armies, you will soon be able to play multiplayer, adversarial or co-op or both : D and of course the ability to 'be' any of the troops, pilots, tank crews etc under your command makes this a potentially amazing and unique experience for strategy f
  9. Total war games, Graviteam Tactics, Men of war, Wargame franchise, World in conflict, Company of heroes, the Arma series, the Close Combat series and others, all good games in their way but in my opinion they are more popular because they look better not because they play better. There is a whole universe of strategy titles, the hearts of Iron series for example that appeal to those who like to play strategic or tactical type military based games. I am convinced that if this game had a massive graphics upgrade and was overhauled in the usability department then sales would rocket.
  10. Graviteam Tactics is a very different game but it too has a tiny dev team (4 part time members), the maps are enormous, literally hundreds of times bigger than what I've seen in CM, the graphics are superb in comparison, they support the game with regular patches and updates, they have even just announced that they are completely upgrading their old tank sim with new hi res graphics and various other improvements including UI overhaul FOR FREE if you already own the original. My point is technology progresses, user hardware improves and developers of games really should at least try to kee
  11. As a brand new player I have to say that when I first saw the graphics my heart sank, I am sure there must be a problem with my game or something because what I am looking at is not what I've seen in the videos I watched. Where is the option to set graphics settings? all I could find was a dialogue box that asked me to accept 1360 x 720 or something similar I never heard of, really low res. I have always favoured gameplay over graphics but when it comes to 3D simulation type games graphics do matter, these games aren't cheap and apparently even some patches come with a price tag, first
  12. How can I select highest graphics settings? I saw a weird 1980's style dialogue box when I first booted up the game that gave me a choice to accept some settings that were ridiculous, 1360x768 or something similarly archaic lol, I cycled through a few but they are all even lower res. I've seen videos where the game looks ok but honestly on my PC it looks truly dreadful, all blocky and pixelated, nothing like the videos I watched. Really looking forward to playing this game but not in 16 bit Is there a screen where I can simply select Max settings? 1080p? or higher? Running 2 x GTX 780
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