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  1. SCWW1 is a great game, but Guns of August (Matrix) was even better. Too bad that some of the outstanding issues with Guns of August were never fixed. IMO the game would merit a second release. The Commander series are bland and generic - no possible competition from that end
  2. I know that some countries don't get supply in some countries and are geographically limited, but the only restriction I'm actually aware of is for the Soviets in western allies territory and vice-versa. Does anyone know these restrictions? It doesn't seem to be written in the rules. I'm particularly interested in knowing which restrictions apply to the Chinese as I'm considering a new strategy with Japan in my new PBEM game. Also, can both Soviet and UK get supply in Iran?
  3. I'm interested in a PBEM game. Approx. 1 turn/day. Have some experience. Can play both sides.
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