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  1. Hard to say As I have not played this battle level If the tanks are starting on turn one in LOS of AT gun it is a badly designed level and not worth playing IMO/ Of course knowing there is any AT gun out there is a big advantage But still if AT guns are quite common If I was in A tank platoon I would always assume their is AT guns out there If you have Artillery USE IT in turn one especially for Soviet as it can be slow and especially if it large calbire, where you think enemy is and ht them Smoke or HE what ever is best USE Cover Arcs on your Tanks , narrower the better this will help with spotting the gun Send one infantry or one tank ahead first to draw fire and/or spot the gun or gun site USe Area fire against suspected At gun sites , creep up to position within LOS of front edge of Known ATG and HIT it with Area fire i.e. Indirect area fire against the gun position You can hit area close to ATG but it cannot see you BLAST Away it will suppress and knockout gun.
  2. From game user manual "Watch out when you want to fire weapons with backblast (like bazookas and Panzerfausts) within buildings - this often suppresses the firing unit and there is a good risk that the building will catch fire from the backblast"
  3. Yes that is what I meant to mean The morale is damaged by back blast and its effects. Usually in most cases I have seen it happen , it just "shakes" or "pins" team
  4. RE: infantry AT-rockets indoor back blast damage/fire risk to buildings + morale risk Its in the user manual somewhere cannot check now PDF as the game is not installed on my new computer the worst case scenario would be a "conscript" team firing a Panzerschreck(stove pipe) from a wooden small "heavily damaged" house, high probability of the team "panicking" and running after the house blows up and/or catchs fire An elite team firing a Panzerfaust from an intact factory will have a low order of probability of adverse effects
  5. What do you mean by anti-tank weapons? If anti-rifle, rifle grenade or thrown weapons there is no issue AFAIK The problem is with rockets Rocket indoor backblast is modeled in the game The back blast will damage building can cause morale to degrade and can cause building to go on fire. In a damaged building infantry AI MIGHT after being ordered to fire a rocket NOT fire. I have seen infantry units fire rockets from buildings and then go to PANIC and run purely as a result of the backblast. The smaller the building the bigger the problem as bigger buildings factroys and churches have larger rooms where backblast is less of issue.
  6. Combat mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin Screenshots slideshow Screenshots of best game in the world. I found on old hard drive I took these years ago during play. on PC. Enjoy. 175 shots from the German players POV
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