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  1. I have been following this thread closely, since I have experienced some of the same problems reported by DirkS67 -- DirectDraw Accelaration: Disabled Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled AGP Texture Acceleration: Not Available However, my computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop with Mobile IntelĀ® 965 Express Chipset and Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile (Version: running under Windows XP* Professional, Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600). I cannot run CMBO other than in 640x480, and cannot run (or even install) CMBB or CMAK, since the "graphics detection" routine in the Installer reports that my computer "..does not support 3D graphics..." (even though it does, in many other applications). I'm now encountering this same problem with some other applications -- won't run, or won't even install in the first place, for the same reason. I got used to seeing this stuff on my Windows Vista computer, where it wanted "64-bit" drivers, installers, or whatnot. When I got the Windows XP rig, I thought those problems were solved. WRONG! Now I've got them in Windows XP also. Well, I downloaded some newer video drivers for the 965 chipset from Microsoft, but they would not install, saying that they were "..not validated for .." my particular Toshiba computer (and the installer then shut down). So, I went to the Toshiba website, and downloaded the latest drivers (that WERE "..validated..") but, they were the same as what I already have. I've now downloaded a new version of DirectX 9.0c -- We'll see if that makes any difference. I've been reluctant to install it up to now, since I cannot be sure if it will or won't mess up all the other applications I currently have that run fine. Thus, I'm very interested in how DirkS67 makes out here. [incidentally, I will mention here that CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK all install and run fine on my Windows Vista computer, at whatever resolution my monitor will support -- after doing the "Run As Administrator" and other nonsense that Vista imposes -- and I DID have to disable my Norton 360 virus/malware checker beforehand, since it insisted on "quarantining" the CM installers as "..high-risk.." applications before they could do their installing -- did I mention, I hate computers?] DARoot
  2. Greetings, Daviduk There is, unfortunately, one other thing you may need to look out for. Some of the Installation routines for games (such as CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK) will sometimes fail to detect an "on-the-motherboard" video graphics chipset properly, and may fail to install at all. I have a laptop using the Mobile IntelĀ® 965 Express Chipset, and normally run my desktop at 1024 x 768 x 32 bit color (60 Hz). - CMBO will only install in "software" mode. CMBB and CMAK fail to install at all, since the detection programming believes I do not have a 3D accellerator (and they require at least 800 x 600 accellerated). Of course, I do. It's just that the resolution detection routines don't recognize it. And it's a lot of fuss to overcome this. DARoot
  3. Greetings, Wulff79 While you are following Streety's advice above, keep in mind -- - You are not limited in what you can download, and try out (to see if you like it) simply because it has been uploaded as a CMMOS mod. All that means is that the various included .bmp fies have been given "suffixes" to allow them to be "swapped" out and in by the CMMOS program. If you see something you like, go ahead and get it! You don't need CMMOS to put it in YOUR game (just delete the suffix and copy to your .bmp folder -- although that WILL overwrite whatever is in there with the same name, so make Backups ...) - Streety and I (apparently) do things similarly -- we prefer "by hand" alterations to letting "automated editors" do the changes (gives one more control). But, there's nothing wrong with other ways to do stuff ... - I would perhaps add, Fernando's H/T and other Light Armored Vehicles. But, I encourage you to try different things, and "keep" what you like best! Main thing is, Have Fun! DARoot
  4. Greetings, Wulff79 If you are referring to the two very early alternate bitmap collections [named "MDMP1" and "MDMP2"] for CMBO, I have them on a backup disk, and will be happy to send you copies if you send me a PM request. Although, as Streety suggests, you will probably eventually want to replace most of what they contain, at some later date, with individually downloaded and specialized updates. Incidentally, if you go searching on the suggested [current] download sites for "Mad Dog" you probably won't find anything. FYI, here is a list of the original individual contributors -- Mad Dog Design Team Members: Madmatt Kwazydog Bil Hardenberger Aikidorat Todd Daily Michel Henry Richard III You might have better luck searching by their individual names for their more current work. DARoot
  5. Greetings, Erwin (and, apologies again, Jaeger8888) I Have CMAK v1.4 (the Vista upgrade). Perhaps that accounts for the discrepancy. I have no problem PM-ing you a copy of my scenario, but out of respect I will not do anything until Jaeger8888 checks back in. DARoot
  6. Greetings, Erwin No, I shouldn't think so. It's one of the original scenarios that came on the CMAK disk. It's actual title is "HSG Chaos at Merville v3.cmg" and dated 6/29/2005, if that's any help. DARoot [sorry, Jaeger8888. This is your thread. I just happened to see this question first, and happened to know the answer. Back to you now, Sir.]
  7. Greetings, Jaeger8888 Oh, yes, it can be done. But, it's not particularly easy. Try moving your main forces up the road on the far right, scout for openings in the barbed wire/minefield defenses as you get close to Battery D, and assault from right to left, "rolling up" your objectives from D to A (you'll be behind many - but not all - of the prepared defenses). There's also a fairly nice open area, starting in the upper left corner of the map (from the British perspective) leading practically all the way to the "hinge" between the trench systems defending Battery A, down which you might want to send your reinforcements when they arrive. Best o' luck, and give 'em hell. DARoot [Note: Your Vickers HMG is pretty useless in its Startup position, especially at night. Accept the inevitable, and plan on moving that slow asset to a better position, on one of your flanks (or with your Main Body), from the very beginning. The sooner you start it moving, the sooner you will find a useful spot for it. There are very few good positions for it (and a LOT of opposition) along that main central road, which (because of it's slowness) you will be tempted to take.]
  8. Greetings, Cranky Your work on a "Tarawa" scenario (as described in your link) for CMAK is very interesting. I also am working on some Pacific Theater conversions for CMAK, and like you am starting with the various Pacific Front additions and resources made available previously by JunkToDrive [aka PaulMG] and others, as the "base" for my own interpretations. I would particularly like to have a copy of the "USMC LVT/AMTRAC" conversion that you describe in your thread. I've managed to find a conversion (for CMBO) of a Canadian Ram Kangaroo, but have been unable to find one for the "Priest Kangaroo" (available in CMAK) such as you describe. If you know of a site where this conversion can still be obtained, would you mind posting a link? Or even, consider sharing a copy of the one you have in your archives privately? For that matter, if your full "Tarawa" mod is finished (or even substantially finished) and available somewhere (publicly or privately) these days, I would be very interested and appreciate it. DARoot [it is the "Season of Giving," after all ...]
  9. Hi, There! Just wanted to second and comment on, Streety's and Cranky's posts regarding backup BMP folders. I've played/modded CMBO for many years. I just bought CMAK (I've had CMBB since it came out, but haven't felt the need to mod it yet), and it suits my needs and playing style to have SEVERAL backups of the ENTIRE BMP, Scenarios, and Wav folders. For my ease, I have a folder ["CMAK Backup" for example] containing subfolders ["CMAK Original," "CMAK ETO," "CMAK Pacific," etc.] that each have a BMP, Scenarios, and Wav subfolder specific to each "theater." For me. it is much easier and simpler to swap the entire folder set whenever I want to play, or experiment with modding in, each specific "theater." Although I do have (and have used) CMMOS [for CMBO], at this late date it is simply too hard to work with -- -- I can't find all the "rulesets" that were produced in previous years; -- While it is (fairly) easy to write your own "Rules" and "Rulesets" [using the instructions that come with CMMOS], it requires another time-consuming effort on your part [when you should be practicing your tactics]; -- The "FileLists" that come with CMMOS (listing the files to be copied/replaced) are not 100% accurate [not taking anything away from the massive effort it took to produce them in the first place -- just a warning that ANY use of "automated editors" may sometimes end up with you, the End-User, having to do minor corrections manually anyway, so listen to Streety); -- Like Streety says, once you have found a replacement bitmap that you like, you generally don't change it again. So, start with some downloaded "Grid" terrain replacement modded bitmaps, try different ones, and choose one you like. Then, check out the other mods available (uniforms, vehicles, etc.) and pick your favorites. Only if, after becoming familiar with the CMBB game and its available mods, you want to "swap" different bitmaps on a continuing basis, THEN investigate the available "automated editors" (and learn to use them). [ROQC, RobO's Quick Campaign Generator, is a great program. It generates Campaigns (a series of related Quick Battles, actually, with "core units" that you choose and carry over through the series), not bitmap changes. Try that when you have exhausted all the "stock" Battles and Operations that came with CMBB. Just my two cents. DARoot
  10. Yes, you are quite right. I've already encountered recognizable discrepancies in the CMMOS "FileLists" for CMAK uniform graphics (and, they generally don't include the helmet bitmaps, which means checking out a few of the individual uniform mods from the GreenAsJade download site -- we stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before), and some "extra" unused bitmaps in the CMAK BMP folder (possible leftovers from the CMBB engine, you say?), all of which needs to be sorted... I've already begun my little project, and discovered some very interesting things that I wasn't aware of, or seen documented in other posts on this Forum [although, admittedly, I have not read EVERYTHING here yet ....] -- -- The "default" BMP folder in CMAK v1.04 contains 7,100 separate bitmap files [numbered 0 through 503516]; -- Infantry/soldier uniforms span bitmap numbers 9000 - 9997 (with some skips), but the "default" CMAK contains NO "winterized" uniforms [i haven't checked the vehicles yet, but the terrain bitmaps (trees, ground, etc.) DO contain "winter" versions]. This helps to (partially) explain why the "from the factory" CMAK has 7,100 bitmaps, but your [Streety's] "Western Front for CMAK" mod contains over 9,000 bitmaps [because you DID include them, as well as some "alternatives"]; -- "Winterized" infantry uniforms are formed by adding a "5" to the beginning of the corresponding "default" uniform bitmap [e.g., US infantry bitmap 9506 becomes 59506 for the "winter" version]; -- Somebody, somewhere, discovered this. It's not documented in the CMAK manual (and is different from CMBO, which added "1" to the beginning of the existing bitmap number to form a "winter" version), but is read by the Game Engine and works, so -- we don't ask too many questions ....; Just goes to show you -- there really is no substitute for "trial-and-error" and "do-it-yourself".... Another interesting thing I learned -- Trying to pin down exactly when "Early War," "Mid-War," and "Late-War" uniform transitions occurred (and whether the change applied to all troops at the same time, or to each nation, or region, individually), I discovered that it is possible to "finagle" the Scenario Editor and the Game Engine to make troops (and formations) appear at different times OUTSIDE of the Game's default "Availability" parameters -- with some caveats. [Choosing "All Regions" in Parameters of the Scenario Editor allows access to all troops of all nations, regardless of their historical availability in that Region, but the Timeframes permitted are still restricted -- e.g., no Canadians available anywhere until July 1943]. Example -- CMAK spans July 1940 through May 1945. US troops first become available for assignment to scenarios in November 1942. They use "Early War" uniform bitmaps [CMMOS Set 1] from November 1942 - May 1943 inclusive; They use "Mid-War" uniform bitmaps [CMMOS Set 2] from July 1943 - April 1944, and "Late War [CMMOS Set 3] from May 1944 - May 1945. [And CMAK makes NO troops available from any nation in June 1943]. US Airborne are only available Mid and Late. However, you can "force" the Game Engine to recognize (for example) the US "Rifle Squad '45" formation even in December 1941 [although they will wear the "Early War" US uniforms], by manipulating the Scenario file a few times. Still fiddling with this -- Got some VERY strange uniforms on Italian Motorized troops in 1944 [italians are not usually available after August 1943], but the regular Italian Infantry was fine in 1944. We learn by doing. DARoot
  11. Unfortunately, Pyewacket's Map Converter will NOT work with CMAK v1.04 or CMBB v1.04 (the "Vista" upgrades). It was designed for CMBO v1.12, CMBB v1.03, and CMAK v1.03 and below. If any programmer-types would be interested in trying to "update" this handy little program, attached is a working link -- DARoot MapConverter.zip
  12. Thanks, Streety! Very helpful. [And, thanks for the "Western Front" mod as well]. DARoot
  13. Greetings, All. Having come back to the "classic" CM games after a long hiatus [i tried the Demos of CMBN and CMFI, and found I prefer the gameplay in the originals, and am certainly more familiar with them], I've now caught the "modding bug." Anyway .... I need some information: (1) To the best of your collective knowledge, has anyone posted a comprehensive guide to the various bitmap numbers in CMAK (and CMBB) showing what they correspond to in-game? I have 2 such Guides/Lists for CMBO, that I downloaded from the old "Combat Missions" website back in 2001, and they have been VERY handy references. [One was by Manx and Wolfe, which also listed all the mods that applied to, say, the Panzer IVG/Panzer IVH/Panzer IVJ]. The other I don't remember the author [it just categorized the bitmaps as, for example, "Trees -- 500s" or "Water -- 641-646 [Ford = 673]." One of them also highlighted all the bmp conflicts (such as between British and American Shermans). I've searched, but can't find anything like this nowadays [Did find some "templates" for creating scenarios, though]. If you've got something like this on your hard drive or a backup disk someplace, or know of a download link that still works, could you please post it? [The crew (Streety, et. al.) that produced the "Western Front Total Conversion" for CMAK MUST have had/made something like that to help them keep track of all those 9,000+ CMAK bitmaps they changed in their mod. If anybody on that team is listening, would you be willing to share?] If not, I'll have to try to make my own [i'll start with the CMMOS "FileList" text files, and work through the entire CMAK BMP folder]. Big job. And then, there's the in-game testing to double-check ("discount doublecheck?) ... You can save me a lot of work if you know where I can find a Bitmap Chart that somebody has already done. I really need one for what I want to do. (2) Has anyone done any work in a hexeditor, to locate and attempt to edit the Unit and Vehicle names and specs? [We can assign special "Unit Names" in the Scenario Editor, but cannot change the display of (for example) "Marder II" to "IJA Type I Ho-Ni", or give it a different gun, or faster/slower speed]. Yes, I know we cannot distribute "hacked" versions of the CMBO-CMBB-CMAK executables. I'm asking about,er...,"Mini-Tutorial" type guidance, that us End-Users can use to make changes for our own selfs only. DARoot
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