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  1. When I try to open up CM helper, I get this error message Traceback (most recent call last): File \\\"<string>\\\", line 6, in <module> File \\\"__main__.py\\\", line 128, in <module> File \\\"__main__cmh__.py\\\", line 125, in <module> File \\\"controller.py\\\", line 51, in __init__ File \\\"appstate.py\\\", line 52, in __init__ File \\\"permadict.py\\\", line 29, in __init__ File \\\"permadict.py\\\", line 79, in load ValueError: File not in a supported format I have been running 1.6.2, but interestingly enough I
  2. Two times now when I complete the German turn in Londale's block I get the CMBN.exe.error message. It flashes briefly and doesn't save the game and I have to replay. I played the turn once more and thought I'd outsmart the game and just tried to save it - I didn't end the turn, I just tried to save it, but the same thing happened - any ideas as to how to stop this - the same thing also happend in the German turn of Borderland and the Mace
  3. I am having the same problem - what is a UI mod - the mods I have installed are Files, JPG's, Brz, and text files
  4. I am playing Angriff as Ivan - my 122mm Tank destroyers just entered the game - one of them drove up the map edge and then exited off the map!?!? There is nothing in the briefing mentioning an exit area and themap isn't marked as such either. I've never had a unit go off the map just because it was on the map edge - what gives? Has this happened to anyone else - what did I miss?
  5. I read down to the bottom of the existing 26% thread and I don't seem to have found a fix for this anywhere in the thread. If I've missed something, please enlighten me. I play virtually all of my CMx2 matches by pbem with live opponents, so this 26% thing ruins the experience fo gamers like me. Is there any hope of a permanent fix on the horizon? Again, if I've missed a post or something on the sight, plese point me in the right direction!!
  6. Thanks - I have opened a ticket - I was just wondering if anyone else had the same issue and had any insight It happened during the unpacking process - it just kept unpacking the data files over an over again and never stopped until I canceled the install a couple of hours later
  7. I just purchased the vehicle pack - downloaded it and began the install. Problem is the file extraction part of the install never stopped running - it just downloaded the data files over and over again until I stopped the install 2.5 hours later - wasn't just a one time download issue and I did it the dame way I have installed the other modules / patches any ideas as to wassup
  8. I just purchased and installed CMMG - When I open up my saved pbem games in cmbn 2.10 there is a loud background noise that sounds like something between a drum roll, a flight of heavies coming over or an incoming barrage. It drowns out all other sounds and lasts through the replay and command phases. I seem to remember a similar problem one time before that cleared up after the first turn was played. Any ideas?
  9. does anyone out there have access to h2hh downloads other than the one on a page of this forum. My h2hh crapped out and I can't get the one downloaded from the link on the forum page to load properly - I understand somewhere on this site is access to a dropbox file with versions available there, but I don't know how to access it. H
  10. In the Nijmegen Finale scenario the Waall River Road Bridge does not go all the way across the River. Not a problem by itself, except that German Pzgdr Reinforcements enter the map in the part of the river where there is no bridge and they can't be moved.
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