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  1. I'm still having trouble opening the levels on KOTS instead of SG, as well as some weird bug in the location of spawnpoints, but at least it mostly works.
  2. That did it for me. The editor let's you input certain information that the menu needs to display, but doesn't save it. That information is in a seperate file, and you can't run the mission without it. Network missions each have their own .xml, the singleplayers share a single one. They can all be found in GameData\LOCALE\en\missions. They can be opened, edited and saved under a different name using wordpad or any other text editor. If you have a .msd in the right folder and a .xml with the same name in the other right folder, it should work. I don't know if that's what was happening with you Charlie, but it was what I was doing wrong.
  3. I've only recently tried anything with the level editor myself. The window of the editor is actually taller than my screen, and there is no good way for me to work with the lower options. I tried to start really easy, making a multiplayer environment, but it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't even seem to work if I start from an existing map, change it to what I want it to look like, and than save it as its own mission. I was going to try to make smaller changes, to see if it was about anything I messed up, and I was going to try making a normal singleplayer mission, to see if that would work, but apparently it's something more basic, if more people are having this trouble. EDIT: I've been digging into the forum. Apparently, the editor works for some, but there's no clear reason it doesn't for others. That also seems to be the only old thread I can find about this issue, and it doesn't contain any answers... It does say something about patch 1.4 being changed after it turned out the documentation wasn't showing in the help of the editor in KOTS (mine doesn't show), but that shouldn't affect the missions playability, right? EDIT again: O no, wait, there's some good tips here. I haven't done anything with xml files yet, so I'm going to try reading that very carefully. Maybe that could do something. And @ mjkerner: What exactly does the error message you're getting say? Is there any more info in it?
  4. This is probably comming a bit late, I suspect you figured is out already, but just in case anyone else googles this question: Weapons are accessed by assuming different positions in the boat, as the text in the training mission explains (slightly too fast in small letters). The light guns are accessed by pressing 1 (if you have more than 1 of those, use 1 to switch between them), 2 takes you to anything 20mm or above on your boat and pressing 4 twice takes you to torpedoview.
  5. Battlebug

    PT Boats

    The help function in the editor itself is pretty much a step by step procedure. Unfortunately I haven't been able to give it a good try myself, since the editor insists on being a taller window than my screen is high, without having a scrollbar.
  6. I got both a few days ago. It looks like all the units from KOTS are in SG. Knights does seem to have a lot more missions than Gambit though, and with the exeption of the tutorial those are all just in one of the games.
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