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  1. Fellow Generals, In the near future will there be an improvement in the terrain graphics? I love the game, but the background graphics could use some darkening. Th grass, sand and trees could use some detail and improving. Any thoughts Gentleman? A7V21
  2. Very nice AZGungHo, So how about it Hubert...WWII has been researched and gamed ad naseum....let's keep improving with the WWI scenarios and campaigns please, Good Sir! A7V21
  3. Hello Fellow Comrades, In the foreseen future are we going to see new scenarios/Campaigns such as Verdun? Somme? or Eastern Front Campaigns? or Kaiserschlacht 1918 Created? Enough the WWII stuff, lol....Let's keep getting more in depth with WWI!! -A7V21
  4. Thanks Gentlemen for your responses. How does the A/I CP "Call to Arms" Offensive play out in the first year? Does Germany solely focus on Belgium then onto France or do they go East into Russia full steam ahead?
  5. Hi Comrades, Since I'm fairly new to SC WWI, I was curious as to what should I start researching first playing as the Entente in "Call to Arms" ? I think I started with France researching heavy artillery...Also, how often do people "buy" units with their Points and When? Lastly, Since I haven't gotten through the entire Manuel yet, How does one move Units from the British Main Island to France for example? Where are the carrier/Transport Ships located? Thanks!! A7V21
  6. Hi John, I'd be willing to play as the Entente in either scenario "Call to Arms" or "Triple Alliance" the full world war 1 scenario campaign(s). Any rules are fine with me, but unfortunately I cannot dish out multiple turns a day. I can play a few turns a week. please email me at Gary(dot)Feathler(at)gmail(dot)com. I look forward to hearing from you John. Cheers !! Gary
  7. Hi Comrades, I'm looking for an opponent to play either the "Call to Arms" scenario or the full war scenario where Italy joins the Central Powers. Either scenario is fine with me. We can discuss what side(s) to play, but I'm easy going. I can usually dish out at least a few turns a week. I'm fairly new to the game so another newbie to play against would be nice. Anyways, If interested please send email to Gary(dot)Feathler(at)Gmail(dot)com. Cheers!!! -Gary aka A7V21
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