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  1. Hi Max, Adding a shortcut to a non-Steam game Launch Steam. Click the Games menu, choose Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. Browse for games on your computer or put a check next to the game you wish to add to the Library. Click Add Selected Programs Run the game as any other steam game, press F12 for a screenshot. Close the game and follow the screenshot wizard, you can upload the images to your online steam account. Jeff
  2. If you have steam, add CM as a non-steam game in the library section. Start the game from Steam, then press F12.
  3. A very big thank you to John Costello from the Help Desk, I now have the game downloaded (10gb) extracted and installed
  4. You are correct Ian, the Windows install is 10 gb and that is the link I am missing from the download page.
  5. I woke up to a reply from tech support, unfortunately I am still unable to play the Big Bundle. I have updated the ticket with the information, I was told the download for the upgrade and the full install are the same, it is the the key that determines what you are able to download. So I am guessing I have been given an upgrade key! I hope this will get resolved now.
  6. I hope that the Big Bundle included all that was needed that was how I read it on the store page.
  7. It was a .zip and I had extracted it to a folder first. It seems, from the 2nd picture that the installer is looking for a previous version. I may be wrong
  8. Hi Ian, The only link I have is to the universal installer for CMBN, I do not see a v3 upgrade link. I did not own CMBN, so the Full Download looked the best option for me. That is the option I took. Now I am waiting for some help.
  9. HI, Is tech support working today? I have submitted a ticket because I get an error( error.jpg ) trying to install CM Battle for Normandy BIG BUNDLE It seems as if the download link from the BF Store is pointing at an upgrade version (pic2). Just waiting for reply form tech support
  10. Thank you for clearing that up Knokke and I do agree with you on the new content brings new users. IL2 is testament to that.
  11. Thank you Gnasher, I have been playing the first mission, very good indeed
  12. Hi eniced73, we all are based in Europe, Germany or the UK.
  13. Have to agree with Rosseau here. We had 5 of us last night in Mp for an hour and a half, really great fun in ToW.
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