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  1. It's a tough slog. I'm only about 10 turns in I used the Move command most of the time, but they still got tired pretty quickly. The main problem I encountered was that they were caught in the open during an artillery barrage. It pretty much decimated the company at an early stage. I would probably be more cautious next time, but time constraints pressure the player to push forward. This is not a criticism of the scenario, just a reflection of my poor tactical skills and the reality of fighting in that location and at that time.
  2. It's a tough slog. I'm only about 10 turns in and it's pretty well game over for me, thanks to exhaustion and enemy arty. Hopefully others will do better!
  3. Indeed it does. I've played games restricting my camera height to the lowest level and with no spotting unit icons. Naturally it's difficult to do without a jump map but still possible in small scenarios. It changes the way the game is played dramatically (in a good way).
  4. For Win 10 users (sorry OP), hold the Windows key and PrtScn key together.
  5. You're welcome. The effort you put into your scenarios deserves a little publicity!
  6. Thanks, guys. It's still a learning process. I'm currently working on putting a little extra effort in the 2-D map, which I now make from scratch. I try to make the scenes as cinematic as possible, but it is limited by my amateur skills and the game itself, such as transparent buildings (good for gameplay, not so good for video). Finding the right sized scenario is important too, which is why I chose this one. In response to CAPT Miller, the smoke mod I use is Veins V3 Special Effects. It's very good.
  7. Yeah, that one's mine - beware: spoilers! Thanks for the scenario, kohlenklau. Looking forward to trying out the Kall River one too! Incidentally, here's a of shot I took from the Windhunddivision cemetery looking towards Vossenack, which is about 1000 meters NW of the Kall Trail. Model is buried in the larger cemetery next to it (below).
  8. Many thanks for putting this together. Downloaded and looking forward to playing.
  9. Very nice little scenario. Coincidentally, I played the original version yesterday (spoilers below). Will definitely have to check out the Redux version now. YouTube video: Delaying Action at Ogledow
  10. Thanks! Good to see so many great mods out so early. I find it hard to play without them now, lol.
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