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  1. Thanks for the new sounds, Waclaw. I found I had to add .rar to the download file name in order to open it.
  2. I've recently installed a number of Kieme's superb mods, but suspected that at least one of them was corrupting the game's (non-modded) UI graphics on my Mac. After removing them one at a time and playing the game, I've found the culprit: the BRDM-2 UA. I'm not sure why as the files look fine. To be sure it was this, I installed the mod on a second Mac and it resulted in the same UI corruption (see attached). If other Mac users have encountered the same problem, this may be the reason why. Simply remove this particular mod and the game works fine.
  3. Very nice! I really like the light weathering and the three-tone paint is fun. While I think the original artists did a great job, it's awesome to have some pretty cool alternative.
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