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  1. I don't think that's a smart-ass comment. I think it is the truth, but I'm not in the any army, and I'm playing it as a game. Pause, zoom out, think, plan, issue orders, get down low in a critical spot for a good perspective, start the action, watch for a few moments, pause and start over. I love it that way. Because AP has both a message system and a mini-map, it actually works better than CM for this style of playing real time. I guess CM would also do well with these features.
  2. As I play real time in CM, I play AP also often paused. There is a wealth of info in the AP games as well as CM. IF someone wants to play AP like Red Alert, that's fine by me. For me, AP is far from a "non-stop wrist-twitch action with no time to breathe." If it is true that AP saves the progress now in the tactical mode, a simply 2 hour battle can last over many sessions now! IF I play AP like Red Alert, then I'd miss getting down close to the action, where AP shines. In AP, I have seen some of the most visceral action: I once had a T-34 decide he had enough and start running closer to other friendly units. Later, as the Germans got closer, I swear I saw a crew member of of the T-34 jump out of the tank and start running away only to be gunned down by another FRIENDLY tank. It isn't WEGO, so no replay. I was like "Did I just see that?!" Maybe it was just my imagination, but I'm pretty sure of what I saw. I once knocked off a track on an enemy Panzer IV, but I had a T-34 almost 2 KM away. So while the Panzer IV was repairing the track, My T-34 was racing to the area to get a good rear shot. It was a nail-biting few minutes. I've also chased down tanks with tanks! I'd try to get within a good firing range at a fleeing tank, stop, fire, and then have to start running after him again. With the HUGE maps it is hard to make a good defensive position. The AI often bypasses me and comes in an unanticipated direction, so I have to be very flexible. Maybe this will change if AP is patched to allow for more units in the map. Watching infantry squads ambush half-tracks at night is truly nightmarish! I love seeing a half-track running around with dead members in the back. Wow! I'm not really comparing CM to AP, but would I like to see these kind of things (like massive maps and strategic movements) in CM? Of course. Would I like to see some of the things in CM in AP (like WEGO and a better UI)? Of course. Oh, and the tracers look great in AP!
  3. Operation Star looks very good! I watched an AAR on Youtube, and the UI looks much better. I wish I had more time to play games lately. I'll probably get it. I have the the first Achtung Panzer. Excellent game. It appears in Op Star that the player can now control units from the zoomed-out tactical map, and saving in-game is now possible; can anyone with Op Star verify this?
  4. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in fantasy games!
  5. I'm using the laptop's LCD display. The Catalyst thing is not compatible. I disabled all startup options via MSConfig. Drivers are current. Problem persists. I can determine it isn't a licensing issue (no license needed for the CMBN demo.) It doesn't appear to be a anti-virus or firewall issue.
  6. No. I tried the CMBN demo, and it does the same thing. The game freezes in the second menu screen. I have disabled the firewalls, checked to see if the AMD drivers would work--they don't. I'm not really sure what is going on here.
  7. And I think the icons are too high (perhaps to be tree-top?) at certain levels. But overall, there has been MASSIVE improvements over the CMSF Icons, both in scaling sizes by distance and resolution processing.
  8. I know this is thread about the functionality of the icons, and not to change the subject, but is anyone as intellectually shallow as myself to prefer *pretty* icons? I only have the demo, but I'm having a blast (quite literally) sucking up nitrous oxide and watching Gimp and Paint.net tutorials on Youtube.
  9. New laptop is: HP dv6-6091nr Video Card: Radeon HD 6770M OS: W7 64 bit Nothing running in background. I have removed all internet security programs. As far as firewalls and other issues go, you will have explain what they are first. Other than the bloatware, there is almost nothing on the laptop. The game loads, and as stated I can make a selection from the first screen. That is as far as it works. Due to fear of license issues, I always un-license before I uninstall, and when I un-install, the program has me un-license again(!) In my paranoia of DRM, I suspect (probably wrongly) that un-licensing adds an additional license. So a thief might un-install a game multiple times for additional licenses. In other words, I have de-activated the license twice as many times as I have activated. The problem I'm having isn't related to that, is it?
  10. Wrong forum, can some please move to the CMA tech support. *edit, just notice there isn't a CMA tech support forum
  11. The game will install, license, and start. No mods, just a straight install. The first screen comes up, but if click on "options," "quick battle" or anything else the game goes to the next selection screen and freezes. Shortly thereafter I get a "not responding" error. I have removed all anti-virus programs that I can find. I even tried installing to different directories. I ran as administrator, both in the install and running the game. Any ideas?
  12. I've only recently gotten CMA. I really like it, and I think CMA is a better fit for the CMx2 engine than CMSF itself. I'm just starting the first campaign. I'm torn between TB and RT. I prefer to use TB if possible. As usual, there are the problems inherent w/TB--having squads run into problems in the first few seconds and relying on TacAI for the rest of the turn, especially when attacking. Has anyone played much of the campaigns in TB mode? I found that in the NATO campaigns, the difficulty was too high for wego, and I was wondering how well TB mode fits in CMA. BTW, I'm very excited to head about Fredrocker's campaign, and I think he prefers wego, so that's a good sign.
  13. Here's three mods that I have for CM:A. They're pretty basic, but I like them and would like to share w/anyone interested: Here are some icons for those who find Russian and Nato symbols a bit esoteric (and don't like the originals). Green Tracers. Too bad we can't have both green and orange. Here is a different base mod, not really just for CMA, but I like them. All three are in this zip: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31190062/CMA%203%20Mods.zip After playing a bit of CM:A, I'm starting to think the CMx2 engine is a very good fit for CM:A. I'd like to see some of the more talented mod designers focus in on CM:A.
  14. I went ahead and downloaded another Icon mod to get the BMP names. Great news! CMBN handles Icons much, much better than CMSF. Although the same resolution, the new game processes the Icons much clearer, allowing for a crisper icon. Wolfe has done an awesome set of icons, by the way, but I think mine will have much more of a Chiclet look; I bet they taste like Spearmint: Icons are not this sharp in CMSF.
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