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  1. It's formatted in the rule editor to allow each unit to numerically prioritize their attack preferences, but it's not enabled ... I'd really like to see it enabled to allow more realism and to allow each unit to maximize their strengths when involved in group combat ... an example would be Artillery 1.) Infantry ... artillery's primary function to destroy and disrupt troops 2.) Artillery ... supressing enemy artillery was high on the list also 3.) Light Ships ... early artillery was also effective at shore defense 4.) Tanks ... not a primary function and not nearly as effective, due to the tanks movement 5.) Early Aircraft ... useful against pre-fighters, thereafter not much of a factor Since it's already there I'm guessing enabling it won't involve that much and I think it will allow rule editors to come up with more interesting variations. Again thanks Brit for allowing us to contribute and for you're continuing effort to support EOS.
  2. Thanks Brit, really appreciate your response and help!
  3. It's the same problem I posted awhile ago and almost the same game turn, last time it wouldn't load on turn 475 ... this time it's turn 470 :confused:, must be some sort of near end-game bug ?? When I try to load the saved file it gets 1/2 loaded then hangs up and stalls and when I try to load the auto-save file it just crashes the program!
  4. I've tweaked my LA Rev-3 rules a bit ... Sub's weren't taking much damage in the 1st upload so I've "beefed" up the Offensive #'s for Destroyer's and Tactical Bomber's against them ... also I slightly beefed up the Crusier offense against Transport's, Destroyer's and other Cruiser's. I've also totally reworked the Rev-2 Map, It's now a 4 -10 Player Map with 10 starting location's, each location has some advantages and disadvantages, so early expansion is crucial to success. I uncluttered the road system forcing units to have to march to access many of the key resources. I plan to periodically update and add improvements and maps, enjoy!! gee
  5. No problem, actually I appreciate all input (but not really bad) ... here's my thought process on my overall rules change and how I incorporated movement into it. From an overall perspective I wanted the unit upgrade process to be a bit more "dynamic", using tanks as an example, I also wanted movement to be a bit more representative of the historical upgrading of the WW-1 tanks 5-10 mph Trench Buster's that crawled to the battlefield and the 21st century versions that can reach 50+ mph. Also I wanted the overall playing speed of the game to start slowly in the exploratory stages (1st 200-300 turns), then to keep accelerating to make the end-game tactics & strategies more interesting, dynamic and far-reaching. Here's a Tank Speed comparison using the official atomicboy 1900-2030 rules vs. my Rev-3 changes: Tank (1) movement ... Atomic (45) ... LA Rev-3 (40) Tank (2) movement ... Atomic (70) ... LA Rev-3 (50) Tank (3) movement ... Atomic (90) ... LA Rev-3 (66) Tank (4) movement ... Atomic (95) ... LA Rev-3 (87) Tank (5) movement ... Atomic (100) ... LA Rev-3 (117) Tank (6) movement ... Atomic (105) ... LA Rev-3 (161) Tank (7) movement ... Atomic (105) ... LA Rev-3 (226) I viewed tanks 1 & 2 as Pre-WW-2 versions and tanks 3 & 4 as the WW-2 version & 1950's thru 60's Korean/Vietnam War models, and tank 5 as the modern transition when turbocharged diesel engines propelled them into the rapid response tanks of today (note the dramatic movement increase) ... Tanks 6 & 7 are the future versions and I tried to use them to really rev-up the end-game. Anyhow just wanted you to know there was some thought and reasoning behing my changes. Thanks, geecadwah
  6. I've also designed a large customized (2400 x 2400) map to use in conjuntion with my Rev-3 rules changes, it is a "Real" world map, consisting of mostly Small Continent's and Large Islands, but it is not accurate to facilitate gameplay. it features ( 12 ) starting locations, each has advantages and dis-advantages, some such as Paris and Rome share a continent, so you will have to immediately fight to expand, some are short of a resource, Tel Aviv for example has very little iron nearby, so you will have to expand to another island or continent to acquire more. I would encourage you to try my LA Rev-3 rules while playing this map as the movement speed and range are calibrated for it, also I would encourage you to play with 6 - 12 player's as it's designed so the more the merrier and also more player's makes it far more challenging early on. Again, enjoy and you're comments are as usual welcome !!
  7. remove my LA Rev-2 rules update from the "shared" list ... I noticed a glaring mistake in the Artillery Ratings that I missed when I proof-read it before I downloaded it ... I have since corrected it and re-downloaded them as LA Rev-3 ... Sorry and thanks, geecadwah
  8. I've uploaded my official 1900-2030 LA Rev-3 rules, where I've done a lot of "tweaking and changing to the original, here's a short list of some of the major modifications: 1.) re-calibrated movement speed and movement range, my goal here was to quicken the pace of the game after the early stages and put a little more gameplay balance and realism into the game. 2.) re-worked all attack, defense ratings and hit points, so units are now somewhat more specialised and focus on target's that they're better suited to specifically attack/defend against. Most of my focus in this direction is geared to forcing players to create more diverse army/naval/air forces and fleets to better reflect the way war's are actually fought. I've really spent alot of time customizing the units here's a couple examples: Artillery are devastaing against infantry and fair against other artillery, armor, early air (zepplin, biplane fighter(1), tact bomber(1). bomber(1), light ships (transports, destroyer's crusier's) ... they no longer even shoot at later stage fighter's, bomber's or specialty aircraft and while they will shoot at them, they will do minimal damage to Capital Ship's (battleships & carrier's). Paratrooper's (although still called "paratrooper's) are now a small band of Special Op's forces that are very effective against artillery and armor, but are easily hunted down and destroyed by Infantry Division's. Please feel free to discuss things you feel work well and don't work well as modding is always a work in progess !!!
  9. :confused: I realize that I'm probably missing something easy, but I can't seem to figure out how to highlight (access) the no name box to add City Names and Populations, and or edit/change resource values?? I assume you're able to edit/change the 10 default values since looking over some of the user maps there are various values. Thanks, geecadwah
  10. Thanks for the feedback and I'm sure I speak for all of us, that we appreciate the quick response and fact that you're actively supporting the game/software. I did send a report yesterday thru the in-game bug report. Thanks again, Larry aka geecadwah
  11. For some reason my game which I saved last on turn 475 won't load ... I get a box that states "Encountered an Improper Argument" and it causes my EOS to crash and stop working ... It also does that when I try to load the auto-save version turn 475 ... I had also saved the game on turn 1 and that loads just fine ... I've usually play 25 - 50 turns a night so I've saved and loaded this game many times before ? Any thoughts on this, anyone else experience this problem ? Thanks, geecadwah
  12. First off thanks for allowing the Community to extensively edit and modify the Program/Game, that's a real nice touch and hopefully it will build a large and loyal following that ultimately lead to more and more sales of EOS and future titles. I like EOS and I think it fills a strategy game void by being a more balanced and playable strategy game like Risk with somewhat more Micro-Management options and decisions but not so much Micro-Management that it really bogs down and stagnates. Here's a couple of Questions about combat using the Official Rules 1900 - 2030 (atomicboy). 1.) Does the Combat Randomness default of .50 (in Global Values) mean that 50% of the (100 tics) are Static and 50% of the (100 tics ) are Random so in your example ie ... Using these numbers, we can see that, on average, the infantry will hit the tank an average of 1.6 times each turn. The Infantry will hit the Tank .8 (1.6 x .01) times for sure and the other .8 is a 50/50% random chance so on average an Infantry in the example will "hit" a Tank 1.2 times per turn or does it mean something else? 2.) Does each unit battle each and every unit against it in a turn and is the battle simultaneous or is there a battle protocal? For example if there are ( 2 ) Infantry and ( 1 ) Tank battling ( 2 ) Infantry, ( 3 ) Tanks and ( 2 ) Artillery will the ( 2 ) Infantry get to and ( 1 ) Tank get to shoot at all ( 7 ) of the enemy units each turn it's still alive and/or is there a defined sequence to who targets whom? Thanks for the Great Game and for the reply (in advance).
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