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  1. I did manage a slightly bigger budget for the laptop. It came with McAfee, which I uninstalled relatively easily. Shock Force runs great, I have only played a brief game so far. Windows 8 wanted to use the integrated graphics rather than the card. It took me a couple of setting changes, but I think I have persuaded it to use the card. Still getting used to windows 8 and the apps. I'm sure there are some really interesting ones, but I'm stuck with flicking though. I can't find a search function in the app shop. Now I can take Shock Force on the road! Stephen
  2. Did you have trouble removing Norton from the Toshiba? I crossed them off my list when I noticed they are all listed as coming with it. It took me hours to completely un-install Nortons last time they did nasty things to one of my computers. The best I can afford for this is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM. But that comes at the expense of RAM, I only have a few hundred dollars to spend, it's a second computer. Shock Force runs great on my desktop and it has a GT 240. Have to see if I can weddle a better budget.
  3. Thanks again. That's interesting. I have another option: CPU Intel® Core i7 3610QM 2.3Ghz (Turbo 3.3G)/6M Chipset Mobile Intel HM76 Express Chipset Memory 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 SDRAM (1333 MHz) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 610M 2GB GDDR3 Less memory and more expensive. Also I'm not sure about the difference between the Chief River and the Express Chipset; not even sure that they are actually different.
  4. Thank you Paul. It's looking like: Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor 2.3GHz Chipset Intel® Chief River Chipset HM76 Memory 12GB DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM Graphic Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 at the moment. I don't want to loose the start button either, but there appears to be some interesting stuff coming up in their apps. Stephen
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried Shock Force under windows 8. I am looking at an i7 laptop and not sure about getting windows 7 or windows 8. It would be useless if I can't run Shock Force! Stephen
  6. rich, I have not called you names, but you have called me names. And if you did that to my face, you would be on the floor whimpering. And yes, I am trained and capable of doing just that. You see I do have a life. I have a wonderful caring wife and a good family. I have many and varied interests, so much so, that I only have time to play this great game once a week. You have said you will not be playing this game any more, and you have said you are leaving. But here you are still on the forum talking about the game; the one you said was so bad you wanted nothing more to do with it. You are all mouth and no action! Sorry Britt, you've done a fantastic bit of programing here, but the forum is becoming too annoying for me to read anymore.
  7. There is not point! He started the thread to say he was going; but he's not gone yet. I only know if he said some of the things he has said to my face, I would be able to rip his throat out. But instead he just wimpers that this great game is not good enough for him and then abuses people for pointing out we're better off without him. I bet he can't even point out where I have made a personal attack against him, except to point out he has stated he has no programming experience.
  8. Your done! Great! Though I doubt you know how the AI works; you stated you've had no programming experience.
  9. No, the AI is not a significant problem! You would not be able to win if it was. But it appears you have a serious problem. There is no point in ever reading any of your posts.
  10. Sometimes the AI wins and sometimes you win. If you can win against the AI sometimes then there is nothing substancially wrong with it. Come on give Brit a break he did a fantastic job! Now he has to make a living. If I had to choose between eating and satisfying wingers, I know what I would choose!
  11. Rich, I'm getting sick and tired of your attitude! Brit says that unfortunately it's not financially viable for him to continue to develop the game as he has been. And what do you do, you jump in and say give me what I want. Sorry but it's a good game as it is now! Stephen
  12. I've seen the AI use aircraft for air defence and air strike and repetedly in the same circumstances. I don't see a problem. Stephen
  13. This is pedantic nitpicking, there is nothing wrong with the way the game loads. It has never confused me
  14. The new update really speeded up the processing on my netbook! Great job Stephen
  15. I'm running it on a net book. The only problem I've encounted is slowness with big maps. Stephen
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