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  1. Hello, I've got the same problem, but with CMBN V4... The problem is that I don't have any "Activate New Products shortcut". I just have CMBN + CF and V4 edition.
  2. I restored the settings, but that changed nothing. I'm using a single monitor. I agree with you, there's something totally f* up in my drivers... I will ask to some friend of mine. But I really thank you for your help. I'll let you know when my problem will be solved.
  3. I just did what you told me, and when I launch furmark, a dialog box says that I need an "openGL 2.0 compliant graphic controler".
  4. At first, I really want to thank you for your complete answer. I will check this tomorrow morning and let you know. I'm using Windows XP.
  5. hi everybody, I just bought a paradox version of CMSF, and I added the two modules Brits and Marines. Now it's running in 1.21 But, everytime I try to launch the game, this message pops up : "Could not initialize OpenGL graphics"... I must say that the game never worked : neither directly from the box, nor after being patched. I've got a nvidia 9800GT with 191.07 drivers. I tried to use older drivers, like 185.85, but the message remains. Is anybody able to fix it ?
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